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S-GI looks into food services

SPRINGVILLE—Participation in the Springville-Griffith Institute lunch program has dropped 36 percent between 2011-2016, Business Official Maureen Lee reported at the June 12 Board of Education meeting.

Lee and members of the Genesee-Livingston-Steuben-Wyoming BOCES created a report on the status of the food service, provided by Sodexo, and how students felt about it. BOCES provides food services for some schools and Lee asked them to provide suggestions for S-GI.

“The first thing I noticed … is the cupboards are bare, there is no food out,” she said. “You eat with your eyes first … no one wants to take the apple sitting by itself.”

Lee said there are small changes that can be made, including equipment purchases that will help keep food warm. She presented the report to the Board of Education, adding that Sodexo will receive the same report.

Board Member Tyler Sullivan asked if Sodexo was receptive to the recommendations, and willing to listen. Lee said they were, but the current contract has them providing minimum service.

“We’re looking at little things we can do … right out of the gate,” Lee said. “We need to think about … perhaps getting equipment that will make it more fun to go through the line.”

Lee also reported the bus garage received a “perfect” score from the Department of Transportation safety rating. The DOT checked records, bus maintenance and other things from April 2016 through March 2017, finding no violations.

Mechanics June 2017
Jon Weronski, George Rugg, Ann Rugg, Dave Caruana, and Bill Papich

“All of our buses passed on the first time,” Lee said. “We should be very proud of our staff.”

The district also received a Utica Mutual Safety award, for their excellence in safety and being safety-minded. Its financial rating, which Lee said is like the district’s credit score, was increased to A1. The rating signifies an “excellent rating” for the district and will result in better interest rates.

The district will no longer be involved in baccalaureate ceremonies, Superintendent Kimberly Moritz reported. While it can still be held at the school, Moritz said it is a religious ceremony and therefore unconstitutional for the district to have involvement.

“Not that we want to discourage people … it’s a great ceremony,” she said. “But it is actually a religious ceremony … we cannot be involved.”

Julie Schleyer was appointed tenure. Schleyer is a teaching assistant at Springville Elementary School.

“She is an absolute asset to the building,” Principal Chris Scarpine said. “She is wonderful with the children.”

Board President Allison Duwe thanked Schleyer for her service to the district, before congratulating her.

The board approved the abolishment of six positions, a full-time assistant principal not currently held by anyone, one full-time foreign language position, a part-time math teacher, a full-time science teacher, full-time social studies teacher, a full-time ELA teacher and a full-time school psychologist not currently held by anyone. Also approved was the purchase of seven full size passenger buses, two 16 passenger, two minivans and one wheelchair-type bus. The purchases were approved by voters in May.

Director of Physical Education Joe DiMartino reported there is interest in starting a trap shooting league in the district. He was approached by the Field and Stream Club, who offered to help facilitate. It will likely begin in February 2018 with high school junior and senior students.

The meeting marked the first for new member Dan Miess, who fills the seat left vacant last year.

The next S-GI Board of Education meeting will be Tuesday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m. It will begin with the annual reorganization meeting.


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