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State Road property to be cleaned up

The Colden Town Board will be removing the backstop at the upper baseball diamond and will be looking into extending the parking lot

COLDEN—The Colden Town Board discussed the possibility of expanding the parking lot in Kummer Town Park at their meeting June 8.

Colden Highway Superintendent Paul Clarkson asked for the board’s opinion about removing the backstop fencing at the upper baseball diamond at the town park in order to make room for new play equipment. The upper diamond is rarely used because of the condition of the field, Clarkson said, the town could get rid of it and make more room for play equipment and an expansion of the parking lot.

“It would really help having a little bit more parking … if you go up on soccer night, they are all parked on [the baseball diamond] anyways,” Clarkson said.

The board approved the removal of the baseball backstop and in the fall, the town will look at the diamond to determine whether or not they will extend the parking lot.

With the expiration of the commercial solar moratorium approaching, Supervisor James DePasquale discussed the need to continue the moratorium with the board.

Currently, Colden is in a six-month moratorium of commercial solar power, which states that no new applications will be issued and no new permits or approvals will be granted with the sitting, location or establishment of commercial solar projects within the Town of Colden. DePasquale said the planning board is still working on the code for solar and with the moratorium ending on June 16, the town approved to extend the moratorium another six months to give the planning board time to finish the code.

Next steps in the cleanup process of the property at 8680 State Road were also discussed. Quotes from companies for the cleanup were higher than anticipated, forcing the town to open the project to public bids.The town will be bidding out the project for the cleanup of the yard and also for the demolition of the building on the property.

DePasquale said because the owner of the property has not responded to any of the letters sent to him from the town, nor did he submit a cleanup plan, the town will be continuing the process with the cleanup to start by June 19.

The next Colden Town Board meeting will be held on Thursday, July 13 at 7 p.m. at the Colden Town Hall, 8812 Route 240 in Colden.


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