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Letter to the Editor: Blame ‘News as Entertainment’ for Trump


It is rather funny to hear Trump whine about the media when he used them quite adroitly to obtain the presidency. Even before he ran for president, Trump got viewers just to see what crazy stuff he was going to say. And he is the American id. He is our fantasy of what being rich is like, we could be self-indulgent jerks and everybody would have to be our yes men if they knew what was good for them.

TV news indulged this during the primaries by taking it easy on Trump. When they asked questions like “How will you get Mexico to pay for the wall,” “How will you get manufacturing to come back” and “How will you defeat Isis” they were OK with Trump’s answer/Soprano’s impression “We’re going to get it done, trust me.”

A response none of them would’ve accepted from the other candidates, but they didn’t press it because they wanted people to keep watching and the other guys were boring!

Even now as Trump has the world wondering if America’s lost its mind. What’s going to to be the biggest news story? Is it Trump pulling out of an agreement to slow or stop climate change and keep the planet liveable? Nah. It’s going to be about an inappropriate joke by a comedian. The “15 minutes of hate” will get much more eyeballs.

Well, when millions from America’s coasts have to march inland to refugee camps because their homes are quite literally underwater they can say at least we were entertained.

Larry Schultz            



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