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Springville Boston and Genesee road intersection to gain four way stop sign

CONCORD— The dangerous intersection at Springville-Boston and Genesee roads is soon to become a little more safe according to Erie County Legislator John Mills and Town of Concord Supervisor Gary Eppolito.

Mills and Eppolito announced today that a four-way stop sign will be installed at the intersection as early as the first week of June. The intersection has been a known danger spot for a while, according to Eppolito, but the recent accident involving a tractor trailer and a Springville-Griffith Institute school bus got everyone moving on making it safer.

“We can’t promise these signs will stop all accidents at that intersection,” Eppolito said. “But if we can slow people down we’re hoping we can help alleviate the problem.”

Eppolito explained that after the April 30 school bus crash, he, Mills and representatives from the Department of Public Works-Erie County reviewed the traffic patterns at the intersection and toured the site.

“As a two-way stop only, the intersection of Springville-Boston Road and Genesee Road was dangerous and the scene of several accidents. The county reviewed the intersection and determined that a four-way stop was necessary to improve safety,” Mills said. “We identified this dangerous situation and acted to fix the problem. This is a good example of several levels of government working together for the betterment of residents.”

A four-way stop sign was chosen over a traffic light because the sign will make all four motorists entering the intersection responsible for stopping, according to Eppolito.

Currently, the only stop signs are on Genesee Road approaching Springville-Boston Road. Two signs will be added on the corners of Springville-Boston Road to create the four-way stop sign. Signs alerting motorists there are stop signs ahead will also be added and a temporary message board warning motorists of the traffic pattern change will be put up in advance. Eppolito also said the stop signs will be the modern stop signs, which are bigger and will hopefully grab motorists attention.

“I’m ecstatic Legislator Mills got this done,” Eppolito said. “It won’t stop all the accidents but it will help.”

In addition to the new stop signs, the town board is planning to send a T-9 form to the state in order to lower the speed limit from 45 miles per hour to 40 mph. They are also looking into the intersection at State Route 240 and Genesee Road, also a hotspot for accidents, to determine if the speed limit should be lowered there as well.

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2014-05-21 | 16:19:54
Yay!!! This dangerous intersection will finally be a little safer.
2014-05-22 | 03:11:39
4way stop
This Is Great News. Next To Be Changed Should Be The Extremely Confusing And Dangerous Intersection Of North, Buffalo Street And Sharp Street!