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Kean Wind Turbines provides efficient energy

GREAT INNOVATION — Representatives of Kean Wind Turbines Inc., presented their product. From left: Business Manager Gayel Stewart, Board Chairman and CEO Kean Stimm and Project Manager Amy Moore. Photos by Leo Mrugala.
SPRINGVILLE — Representatives of Kean Wind Turbines, Inc., an American benefit corporation, visited Papa Jakes Saloon in Springville on Sept. 5, to display their Kean Newtonian Wind Turbine.

“Wind is the only economical sustainable source of energy,” said Board Chairman Kean Stimm. “Our turbines are a new approach that will provide power where it is needed. They create renewable energy without government subsidies, tax abatements or grants.”

The turbines are one-eighth the size and one-tenth the cost of the alternative three-blade windmill. According to Stimm, less maintenance is required due to lower height, simplified design and nine basic parts. The turbine also allows low-cost residential and small business power to be segregated from higher-cost industrial and commercial power.

The turbine utilizes 100 percent of the displaced air mass that faces it, so Stimm calls it more efficient that the three-blade windmills. He reported that his tests have shown that the turbine should be able to convert 40 percent of the energy from the wind to usable electricity.

“The energy produced far surpasses current efficiency levels of existing three-blade windmills,” said Stimm.

“The turbine uses a broad span of the wind speed spectrum, from 8 mph to over 100 mph. One 4-meter Kean turbine can provide all the electrical and heating needs for a home or small business.”

SCALE MODEL — Pictured is a replica of the Kean wind turbine. for which the company is currently seeking investors.

Kean turbines also provide benefits for the community and economy, Stimm explained.

These turbines create jobs worldwide as well as providing opportunities for local suppliers and businesses. The original Kean turbine plant is planned for Western New York, as a display facility to possible manufacturing licenses.

Environmental safeness is a major benefit of the Kean turbines, according to the CEO. The turbines are relatively quiet, due to enclosed blades and low rotation speed with no turbulence. Bird kills are also not expected, because there is no visible entry.

“Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. was founded with the conviction that we must take personal responsibility for finding solutions to today’s energy and economic crises,” Stimm said, of his company.

“The work will be best done locally, in our own communities. One of the missions of Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. is to design and manufacture the most efficient, affordable, compact, durable, safe and unobtrusive wind turbines available anywhere.”

The Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. main office is located at 5500 Main St., Suite 102 in Williamsville. For more information, contact them at 626-0200.


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