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West Valley Central School discusses sports shares

The West Valley Board of Education held its annual budget vote May 20 and all four propositions on the ballot were passed.

Proposition 1 was for the 2014-15 budget of $8,719,882. It was passed 187-64.

Proposition 2 was to vote on two candidates to take over two seats on the Board of Education. The first seat was for a five-year term and was won by George Kazmierczak with 181 votes. The second seat was for the one year remaining on a five-year seat that was held by Frances Engels. Jim Boberg won that seat with 24 write-in votes.

Proposition 3 was for the purchase of a new 65-passanger school bus to replace one of their older buses with 119,000 miles. It was passed 168-78.

Proposition 4 was for a $1.842 million capital improvement project. It was passed 137-74.

WVCS also held their regularly scheduled board meeting on May 20 that discussed a sports share, the hiring of staff for the summer and allowing students from other districts to attend WVCS.

The first topic talked about during the meeting was the status of a sports share between WVCS and four other local schools, Pioneer, Franklinville, Ellicottville and Springville-Griffith Institute. Ellicottville did not want to jump into a share right away and wanted to wait at least a year. But the other three schools said they were open to some kind of share. There will now be negotiations between the schools to figure out what kind of share would work for both schools. WVCS Athletic Director April Preston was also in attendance to answer questions about the sports share.

For the 2014-15 school year, full shares would most likely not happen because more negotiations on terms will be needed. But, WVCS is willing to send kids to other districts for sports that WVCS might not have enough athletes to form a team for, and all the other schools are open to that. Some of these sports may include, modified boys’ and girls’ soccer, varsity basketball cheerleading and varsity boys’ and girls’ bowling, plus more.

“Nobody was ready to commit to a full out share on where they can tell us we will come to you this amount of times or we will give you this many games,” said Preston. “But I do think that right now they would use our facility. But there is nothing set in stone.”

The board also brought up a few concerns they had with sending kids with the added travel times and students not being able to get all their homework done with all that time lost. But Preston assured the board that the kids will figure out a way to get things done if they set their mind to it.

“There are thousands of kids in New York state doing this and it’s a lot further than an Ellicottville or Springville,” said Preston. “But I’ve always felt that if there is a will there is a way and if they want to be committed to it, they will figure out a way to do both of those things.”

The board also approved five people who will be hired to work at the school over the summer. They include Daniel Loveless in the bus garage, Michael Pfeffer in the technology/computer department and Jordan Seltzer, Jacob Sloand and Emil Erlandson to work in the building and grounds department.

The board also discussed by the board was the option of allowing students from other districts to attend WVCS. Board member Dennis McCauley expressed his concerns for the plan as it could lead to further problems down the road.

“I think the concern was that we would be getting lots of students that would be high maintenance in more of a behavioral sense,” said McCauley. “There are parents who shop districts all the time and that is a concern.”

But, there were others on the board who thought the plan would be a step in the right direction that they have been hesitant to take in the past.

“Let’s make the leap of faith if we are going to progress our district instead of just living in fear,” said Board President Michael Frascella. “Cynicism and negativity I think is what has been holding us back for a long time.”

The next scheduled WVCS Board of Education meeting will be held June 2 at 7 p.m.


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