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West Valley board discusses tuition for out of district students

WEST VALLEY—The West Valley Central School Board of Education held its regularly scheduled meeting June 2 in which tuition for out-of-district students, driver’s education, summer reading program and an update on the capital project were all discussed.

Superintendant Eric Lawton was first to speak and wanted to get the board’s opinion on charging tuition for out-of-district students coming to WVCS. In most part, the board agreed that a scaled tuition system would work the best depending on how many kids the family has. But, there was some difference in opinion on this issue.

“ [Tuition] would make parents serious that they would back up their child, helping the child and making the child productive,” said board member Dennis McCauley.

“My personal feeling is I want to encourage people to bring their kids in here so as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think we need a tuition,” said board member George Kazmierczak. “I don’t necessarily oppose a tuition, but I just don’t want to make it too difficult for kids to get into the district provided that they fit our policy.”

Lawton said he would talk with District Business Official Ann O’ Brien and make a few proposals for the next board meeting.

The board also asked Lawton for an update on the progress of the capital project. The school sent in the contracts and are on schedule to start fixing the roof at the end of the summer and possibly sooner if everything falls into place.

Principal Dan Amodeo was next to speak and first talked about a driver’s education program. The school sent in the application for the driver’s education program for the fall, summer and spring. Since they applied for all three, they will have flexibility to choose which seasons they want to hold it and which they don’t. The majority of the board thought the best option would be to hold it during the summer so it does not cut into their academics.

“If we limited driver’s ed to only 40 minute periods, it would be almost impossible for kids to get onto a four lane highway,” said McCauley. “At the same time, it would allow students to participate in other academic areas. It seems to be a better use of our staff and a better time for the kids to get a more quality experience.”

Amodeo said he would make up a few proposals for the next board meeting. There is no set timetable on when the program will be offered, but Amodeo said they would hope to offer the program by July if everything goes smoothly.

A change in the bell schedule was also discussed during the meeting. Amodeo said recently he has looked at other school districts and their bell schedules and realized that WVCS could change to be more beneficial to the students. They are considering changing to a nine bell schedule with an earlier start and will now weigh the advantages and disadvantages before moving forward with any changes.

The summer reading program was also discussed during the board meeting. Recommendations for the program were sent out for students who teachers thought could use extra help in their reading and writing skills in first through fourth grade. The board brought up the ideas of having a session later in the day and helping provide transportation for students who are not able to get to the school to help keep student attendance as high as possible.

A summer school program was also brought up by Amodeo for students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. There are two options the school is considering; an online credit recovery course held at WVCS or an actual summer school program purchased through BOCES, which would be held at Salamanca.

WVCS will hold its next regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday June 24 at 7 p.m. in the school library.


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