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Boston board commends firefighters

BOSTON — Not long before the Boston town board was scheduled to begin its bimonthly meeting, volunteer fire companies from Boston and surrounding towns responded to what Councilman Jay Boardway described as a “large, large fire” on the morning of Nov. 20. The fire occurred in a barn on Boston State Road, near the intersection with Trevett Road. A total of seven fire companies responded.

“I do want to thank our fire fighters in town, actually, and outside of town,” said Boardway. “All three of our fire companies responded full-strength. The mutual aid response there was tremendous, also.

“Obviously the building couldn’t be saved,” he continued. “When our first chief got on location, it was already fully involved. They did have some water issues down there: They had to basically bring the water in from a couple thousand feet away, but luckily, again, we had no injuries [or] major problems down there, with that.”

In other board matters:

– The board issued a proclamation, recognizing Cody Mayerat on receiving the rank of Eagle Scout. Mayerat is a senior at Springville-Griffith Institute High School, where he participates on the varsity soccer and bowling teams. One of his Eagle projects, on which he spent 320 hours alongside 26 fellow Scouts, was “the collection of 10,000 bottles and cans, to purchase lumber to help build and deliver five Adirondack chairs for the front porch of the Roycroft Campus Corporation.”

– The board observed a moment of silence for New York State Trooper Ross Riley, who died on Nov. 20 after falling into a gorge at Letchworth State Park, during a training exercise.

– Sandra Quinlin was appointed as a part-time seasonal reference clerk, effective Nov. 20, 2013, until June 30, 2014. The cost of this position is covered by the Local Government Records Improvement Fund grant.

“[Town Clerk] Jen [Mule’] and her staff were able to get a huge grant [for $46,128] for doing this work,” said Boardway. “That allows this board to take the money that would have gone to get those essential services done and use it for something else, something that benefits the town, benefits the residents, benefits the seniors, benefits whomever we can benefit and not have to utilize that grant money for the things that have to be done.”

The grant will cover 100 percent of Quinlin’s salary.

– Herb Klein, president of the Boston Town Band, announced that the band will be playing the Boston Christmas concert on Dec. 8 at 2 p.m. at Boston Valley Elementary School. “I think it’s going to be one of the greatest concerts we’ve done,” he said. “After every concert, you wonder if you can get better, but we have 70 musicians playing in this Christmas concert.”

He added, “Joining us, this year also, is the Lake Effect, Western New York’s premier all-male a cappella group. They’re a professional all-male a cappella group made up of five guys, and I think those who attend the concert are going to find it most enjoyable.

“We were concerned about parking, so we’ve made arrangements to borrow a shuttle vehicle from Emerling Chevrolet,” he added. “We can park at the North Boston Fire Hall and also at Hamburg Overhead Door, and we’ll be shuttling people from there to the school.”

– Supervisor Martin Ballowe revealed that Boston will remain as one of the hubs for Western New York Meals on Wheels, which Ballowe was “very excited” to hear. “They have decided to keep it within the town of Boston, as a hub,” said Ballowe, “So they deliver the hot food here. Our volunteers come pick it up and deliver it to the seniors or the shut-ins that we have in town, so that is a great thing that I heard, from the [Western New York] Meals on Wheels Association.”

– The board moved to authorize Ballowe to sign a contract for congregated dining. Ballowe explained, “This is our lunches we do downstairs [at the Boston Town Hall] for seniors, so we do encourage people to take advantage of it, so we can keep these programs in our town.”

– The board scheduled two public hearings for the board meeting on Dec. 18: one at 7:40 p.m., to consider the renewal of the Boston EMS and ambulance service contract, and the other at 7:45 p.m., to consider the renewal of the Boston Historical Society contract.

– Since the first Wednesday of January is a holiday, during which the town hall is closed, the board rescheduled its meetings for that month from the first and third Wednesdays to the second and fourth Wednesdays of January. The new dates are Jan. 8 and 22.

– “We have a new LED moving sign in front of a business in town,” said Councilman Jeff Genzel. “The planning board felt it necessary to make a recommendation to the town board for a moratorium on signs, until we can update the code on signs to get a better grasp on LED signs. They’re becoming extremely popular these days, in other towns, and we’d like to hold off on the installation of any more of them, until we can get a grip on it.”

Town Attorney Michael Kobiolka is going to look into the matter, and the board will schedule a public hearing date, at the next board meeting. Until then, the matter was tabled.

– The board approved the appointments of Matthew Hartman and Jacob DePeters to the Boston Emergency Squad.

– The board accepted the resignations of both Marie Kreuder from her assistant to the supervisor position and Joseph Weber from his dog control officer position. Mule’ will post the jobs shortly.

– A total of $900 in donations had been received for Christmas lighting in the town, as a result of a letter sent out by Genzel to businesses in Boston. “That’s pretty good,” said Genzel.

“We really thank those people for donating. If anybody would like to donate anything, please send it to the town hall, in care of the supervisor’s office. This goes toward maintenance of the lights, bulbs and then, in February, we like to purchase new lights, when they come in a lot cheaper.”

The next Boston town board meeting is scheduled for Dec. 4 at 7:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Boston Town Hall, which is located at 8500 Boston State Road in Boston.


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