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Summer stay a little longer, please

It seems that everywhere we turn summer is ending. Summer beers are no longer available, making way for Oktoberfest ones and the ďpumpkin season is back!Ē commercials Iíve started seeing are just adding to the sentiment that our summer days are numbered.

Then thereís this nasty rumor, I pray itís a rumor, swirling that winter is going to peek his head out come September.

Well guess what, I refuse to believe summer is over.

I apologize to the students and teachers who will return to school soon, and while I normally agree that Labor Day marks official unofficial end of summer, Iím putting my foot down this year. I refuse to bust out my long sleeves (despite having worn them a time or two this summer), I will not eat pumpkin bread until October and I will turn the other cheek at those trees who feel itís their time to shed their green. And I invite you to do the same!

Now, donít get me wrong, autumn is my favorite season. And I always welcome it with open arms, but Iím not ready this year.

It seems every year the end of summer comes sooner and sooner. Swimsuits are put out in April and gone by June, back to school starts around the Fourth of July and Halloween candy pops up in August. Itís maddening! Well not this year, not for me at least.

I refuse to let the commercialization of nearly everything end my summer fun before Iím ready to call it quits. Normally, Iíve had mother nature on my side, producing Indian summers and sunnier days, but this year, apparently, sheís in just as much of a rush as the rest of them.

While camping last weekend, I wore a sweatshirt to sleep to try and keep me warm and on my Sunday run I counted 10 trees with leaves changing.

Who authorized this? Because I donít remember signing off on the end of my summer.

So, Iím protesting. I will continue to enjoy every drip of summer until Sept. 23, the official start of autumn. Iíll eat another popsicle and Iíll take another swim in the lake and Iíll lay outside and enjoy the summer sun on my face. Because Iím not ready to let go!

Again, please donít take this as a dismissing of fall, because I love all things fall. Apple cider at night, leaves crunching under my feet on my morning runs, oh it makes me happy to think about. But I refuse to accept this as common practice in August, or the very beginning of September.

Put on your sunglasses and join in protest with me against another premature ending to our summer! Have another picnic and feel the sand between your toes, because we still have a month of summer left! Regardless what the stores and mother nature say.

Itís time we take back our summer and let it continue on until we absolutly must pack up our beach towels and retreat. Because you know what happens when we hurry the end of summer? Fall ends quicker. But for some reason, winter stays up until April. No matter when he begins.

If youíre not ready for summer to end, or for winter to begin, send your summer photos to and help me keep summer around for a little longer.


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