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Calling all characters: the Journal wants YOUR stories!

SPRINGVILLE ó Having worked at the Journal for a few years now, Iíve met or run across a fair number of the movers and shakers, business owners, foundation leaders and just regular folks around town. Iíve talked to alpaca and reindeer farm owners, fluoride activists, founders of charities and businesspeople who run everything from frozen yogurt stands to fabric shops. Along the way, Iíve met a few of you who make me stop and think, ďWow! That person has an interesting story.Ē But those people donít always get those stories in the paper because we only have so much room and those who are making news get to the front of the line.

But I know Iím not the only one whoís interested in everybody else. Iím talking about the man who works tirelessly on his charities of choice, but never steps into the spotlight. The lady who runs her business quietly for years, never making the news but always making budget. The kid who has an interesting project or an unusual hobby. Or most of all, those local colorful folks we all know, but only a few of us really know.

The Journal wants to introduce our readers to those people, in a new feature that will highlight not only the newsmakers, but everyday citizens who are going about their extraordinary business in an ordinary way. This isnít going to be a feature about the richest man in town who just opened a new building, the shopkeeper who just opened on Main Street or the kid who scored a hat trick in last weekís soccer game. Those deserving individuals already have their spotlight, in other sections. This one is for those who donít fall under those categories, but have an interesting story for us, nonetheless.

Maybe a name popped into your head, when you started reading. Maybe itís yours. If you know someone (or are someone!) who has a fascinating background, an unusual career, a quirky hobby or talent or would just make a reporter jot down a note mid-conversation, email me at, tweet at us @springvilleny, let us know at or call 592-4550 ext. 24. Weíre storytellers here, and we want to help you share yours.

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