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Small businesses help keep Springville moving forward

I interrupted a conversation earlier this week about two coworkers’ business idea, and added in one that I have been harboring for a little while. Although our conversation was light-hearted, and it’s doubtful any of us will pursue our ventures anytime soon, there are new businesses opening daily in America.

Just these past few weeks in Springville, two new businesses have opened, and one more is on the cusp of welcoming patrons. It seems opening businesses is easier than ever, yet it’s still refreshing to see commerce make its way to town.

Small businesses, often referred to as the backbone of America, provide a few things to the area that the set-up shop in. Between unique ideas, or a different spin on an old idea, new businesses often draw people from different areas. They also, in my experience, have a much friendlier staff, which is a treat to customers.

The two new businesses offer just that.

Hotshots Hydrographics, a new business on Henrietta Road, offers patrons the opportunity to fully customize everything from gun stocks to animal heads, and most everything in between. It’s also the first business of its kind in the immediate area, and fully dedicated to hydrographics.

Then there is Fiesta Bamba, which opened late last month on Cascade Drive. A restaurant is nothing new, especially to the Springville area, but this is real, authentic Mexican food. Something no other business has offered, yet. From the food served to the atmosphere, Fiesta Bamba is authentic, inside and out.

The newest business, which has yet to open its doors yet, is right next to our office. Yay, neighbors! We’re told this is going to be a combination cafe-museum. Talk about a unique twist on an old idea! The themed cafe will boast everything from pastries and coffee to Civil War coats and letters. There will also be a downstairs area that will house a quiet area for reading or research. It just keeps getting better!

With the push to stay local, shop local, it seems like this is a great time for these businesses to be opening up for the population. It’s always nice to see someone who has a great idea to go forward with it, especially if it benefits more than just themselves. Small businesses help everyone from the owner, to the patrons to the local economy, and who can argue the importance of that.

It’s also said that if a small business makes it to its fifth year, they’re not doing too bad for themselves. And although these businesses have a little ways to go before the wood anniversary, there’s no doubt they’ll be able to do well before then.

From the excitement surrounding new businesses, to the quality of service and friendly staffers, it’s doubtful the Springville area will let these establishments, or any new ones that might enter the area, diminish without a fight.

So a hearty good luck to the new owners and a tip of the hat to all Springville-area patrons who keep these small businesses going.

And who knows, maybe one day my coworkers will be the ones I’m writing about.

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2014-09-12 | 17:05:38
Mexican restaurant
The first Mex eatery in Springville, Hooray! Hope they have the good stuff!