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A thank-you to my selfless mother

This week left a lot of people scrambling to get flowers, cards and jewelry for their mothers, suddenly everyone remembered Sunday is the day we’re supposed to send them our love. While I fell into that category I started thinking about all the things my mother has ever done for me.

The first memory I have of a nice gesture from my mom is when she let me play two sports in one season. I was probably in the fifth grade and the rule was always one sport per season. She broke that for me, I don’t know why, but I do know I played softball and ran track that season. The reason we had that rule is because driving four kids to two different sports is a lot for one person, yet Mom drove me across the island every other day so I could make practice.

Then there were all the times she took me shopping just because or gave me some money so I could go to the movies with my friends. The gestures were endless and I think for a long time I took them for granted.

This weekend I went home to spend the weekend with my family and it finally hit me, my mom has given up a lot to make room for her four kids to have their own lives. The notion hit me when we were getting our hair cut by a long time family friend.

As she was talking to our family friend she said she would like to be a certified scuba diver instructor by her next birthday, which falls in February, and I thought to myself how I had only heard her say this once. On the way home I asked her about it and she said it’s something she’s always thought about doing. Well, then why hadn’t she?

That’s when I realized that moms everywhere, not just my own, give up a lot of their own life for their family and very rarely complain about it. So this Sunday, when we’re sitting with our mom, taking them out to breakfast or just calling them on the phone, don’t forget to tell them thanks. I know I’ll certainly be letting her know that there is no way I’d be where I am today had she not put her life on the back burner to let me have what I thought I needed.

And while I’ve long since given up the life of softball, it might have lasted another season or two, I often think about all those days she could have been gardening, reading, or scuba diving, instead of driving me to little league and track. So thanks, Mom.

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