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I’ve got a phone. Do you have a phone?

SPRINGVILLE — What incentives do we have to pay taxes? This is not a rhetorical question. Other than saving our good names and avoiding the embarrassment of harassing phone calls and red-bordered letters, how are hardworking Americans rewarded for paying taxes?

According to the government, we should happily pay these fees, to support the common good. The South Carolina government’s website helpfully explained why we hand over huge chunks of our hard-earned cash instead of placing it into our own bank accounts to pay for our mortgages, educations, car bills or any other incidentals.

“The federal government uses your tax dollars to support Social Security, health care, national defense and social services such as food stamps and housing,” said. “But why must they be paid for with taxes? Why shouldn’t we just pay, individually, for what we use? The answer is simple: Because no one could afford it. Each person would have to pay the full fee for the service, regardless of their ability to pay. Our tax system is based on our ‘ability to pay.’”

Aside from noting that we should just go ahead and admit that we are a Socialist nation already, I would also like to take a moment to lament the fact that, not only am I located in the 99 percent, I am in the 53 percent – the population that apparently pays for the rest of America. What a terrible place to be. Call me a pessimist, but I would say that the “47 percent” is definitely a glass-half-empty deal.

My feelings about this matter are no secret. I am tired of barely making ends meet because I earn every cent I spend and because I refuse to take advantage of the system, while I simultaneously have to hand precious dollars to people who are not going to work every day and who are not doing everything they can to live within their means.

Case in point: Mrs. Obamaphone. If you have not seen the video, check out I can accept my tax dollars’ going toward putting food in stomachs and clothes on backs. I can accept that the government wants to help its citizens who can actually not help themselves.

I cannot accept the fact that my paycheck is paying for free houses and telephones for able-bodied people. Mrs. Obamaphone is clearly proud of the fact that she is getting free items from the government. And to claim that she is unable to earn the money for those things herself is ridiculous. If she can vigorously protest at a Mitt Romney rally, she can energetically head to work in the morning.

While the woman in the video was quick to thank the president for her spoils, I (surprise!) don’t necessarily think Barack Obama is to blame for this issue. He did not start these social programs; this is an ongoing, country-wide problem that needs to be addressed, and quickly.

It’s one thing to carefully reserve our tax dollars for disbursement among those who are trying to get back on their feet or who are debilitated by illness or injury, but it is an entirely different story when cell phones and other freebies are being paid for by us, the 53 percent, and handed out to those who simply do not want to work.

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