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Springville Journal editorial: Graduates, today is your day!

SPRINGVILLE — Graduation. Regardless of how much time and circumstance now separate me from my aisle-walking, gown-garbed events, I still remember well that exiting blend of nerves, dreams and hope.

We at the Springville Journal extend congratulations to the class of 2013. We are so proud of the graduating seniors at West Valley Central School, Springville-Griffith Institute High School and Pioneer Senior High School and we join, with your friends and families, in wishing you the best, as you look ahead, to the future.

It is not easy to earn a high school diploma. You put your blood, sweat and tears into obtaining that piece of paper and for that, you should be proud. While many may have taken the easy way out, simply deciding to give up on school, or take another route, you have gone all the way and have much to show for it.

Bask in the feeling of accomplishment. Take a moment to be nostalgic or emotional. Graduation day will fly by, so savor every minute. Beside being somewhat overrated, being an adult will last forever, but being the person, wreathed in smiles and garbed in the school colors, will last for but a moment.

As you celebrate your journey and congratulate your friends, who have enjoyed this ride with you, please be safe, during post-graduation and prom events.

The drinking age in New York state is still 21. Don’t get yourselves or your parents (or friends’ parents) in trouble, by breaking the law. It would be a shame for a graduation or prom party to be ruined by an arrest. And never drink and drive. New York state law mandates arrest and license revocation or suspension of anyone who is younger than 21, driving with .02 percent or more blood alcohol content, which is only one drink.

Exhaustion can impair judgement just as much as alcohol. Know your limit. Make plans to sleep somewhere or arrange for a pickup. There is no shame in making the safe, smart decision.

Enjoy the last week of your high school careers. Dance the night away and be happy that you have come this far. Good luck with your post-high school plans, whatever they might be. Know that the thoughts and prayers of your friends, family members and local communities follow you, wherever life might take you.

Congratulations, class of 2013!

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