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Where did we go wring, America?

Last weekend six innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a gunman. A gunman whose parents had taken him to numerous doctors and even alerted the police of his behavior. A gunman who was diagnosed with aspergers, a form of Autism that impedes a person’s understanding of social norms. A gunman who had YouTube videos all but outlining his exact plans for “revenge” and “redemption.”

Where did America go wrong?

The idea behind the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act is worthy of recognition. Gov. Andrew Cuomo saw an epidemic happening in the country and decided he wanted to make his state safer. You can’t blame a guy for that. However, the SAFE Act was thrown together in haste and signed even quicker. Essentially, blaming all gun-owners or pro-gun activists for these deaths.

I don’t own a gun, so I’m only speaking in speculation here, but I’d imagine those who do own guns don’t want to have a bad name. Take the National Rifle Association, their core values are focused on gun safety, education and responsibility. And I’m willing to bet those who have Repeal the NY SAFE Act signs in their front yard are not in favor of all these mass murders. Yet, they’re blaming the government.

Then there are mental health advocates. Both Elliot Rodger, the gunman behind last Friday’s attacks, and Adam Lanza, the gunman behind the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, were both on the Autism spectrum. Those who don’t understand the diagnosis are quick to blame it on the fact that the gunman is “not all there.” Mental health advocates are trying to stop that from being the go-to reason these attacks happen and instead blaming the government and gun-owners.

So, if I’m understanding this right, we have three different organizations who would like to find ways to stop these senseless deaths, the government, the NRA and gun-owners and mental health advocates. Yet, all three of them are still playing the blame game.

Earlier this week I spoke with an elementary school principal who explained to me that they’re focusing on character education, which teaches students how to work together, not be a bully and say something if they see bullying going on. Maybe it’s time we get some elementary students to give some insight on character building. I bet they don’t play the blame game.

Where did America go wrong? I’ll tell you.

Three organizations are working toward one goal, but rather than working with each other, they’re placing the blame and letting politics get involved. I’m willing to bet if they can come together and find some common ground, those six lives could have been spared.

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2014-06-12 | 01:08:21
This whole article is completely misguided, but I feel it was an honest position on a controversial topic. However, I find two subjects that are much in line with a lot of the problem with knee-jerk reactions to tragic events. First, the vast majority of people making legislation on firearms have ZERO legitimate firearms knowledge. Would you like it if medical legislation was created by an individual with ZERO medical experience? I thought so. Next, there are people in government at federal and state levels that wish to remove (through infringement of rights or confiscation) every single gun from law-abiding citizens. This includes Governor Cuomo, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and President Obama. These people are not letting any tragedy go to waste. They will use the tragedy for their personal/political devices. Next, mental health advocates are kind of caught without a horse in this race. They need to do something to remove the stigma of their fight. Without that, nothing will change. Finally, the NRA is about the only body that is really defending all of our Second Amendment rights on a nationwide level. Also, Mr. Rodger killed more people with his BMW and a knife than with a gun. Maybe we should ban cars because they kill people. Maybe we should ban knives because they kill people. In that case, maybe we should ban doctors over malpractice, water over drowning, and steaks over heart attacks. "We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." Ronald Reagan