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What-ifs leave us hopeful for the future

Three weeks ago, a motor vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer and a Springville-Griffith Institute bus, at the intersection of Springville-Boston and Genesee roads, shook the community with the thought of what-ifs.

What if there had been students on that bus? What if the weather was bad and Mercy Flight couldn’t fly? What if the tractor-trailer had stopped at his stop sign? What if the S-GI driver was just two tenths of a second later?

And in just a few weeks, the community will get the answer to a long asked what-if: What if that was a safer intersection?

After the accident, town officials teamed up with county officials to take a better look at one of, if not the, most dangerous intersections in the town of Concord, and on Tuesday, Erie County Legislator John Mills announced that the intersection will become a four-way stop. With message boards being erected in the next few days to warn motorists of the traffic change and permanent “stop ahead” signs also being added, Mills and Town of Concord Supervisor Gary Eppolito feel this is the going to help stop some of the accidents at the intersection.

I have to applaud Mills and Eppolito for their quick reaction in the wake of the accident. In just three weeks, they were able to conduct a traffic survey, decide what should be done and act on it. And thankfully, it didn’t take the life of another driver to get the ball rolling. While no, it won’t go back in time and correct all the accidents that have been at the intersection, nor will it stop future accidents completely, but it will help make the town a little safer, and after all, isn’t that what we all want.

The town is also looking to reduce the speed limit, which has to go through the state, but also shows they’re not taking any chances. Making the intersection a four-way stop would probably be enough to cut down on the number of accidents, but they’re taking it one step further to make sure anyone travelling down their roads are safe.

The town is also looking into the intersection ar State Route 240 and Genesee Road, but that will be a story for another day.

What-if the intersection at Springville-Boston and Genesee roads was no longer a concern of ours? Maybe, in the coming weeks, we’ll have the answer.


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