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Tim Hortons vs. Dunkin Donuts: the great debate

As a native of Staten Island, I grew up with Dunkin Donuts. My parents used to get their nightly coffee from Dunkin every night after dinner. I remember all those days coming home from food shopping with my mom and calling Dad to see if he wanted coffee. No matter what time of day it was, or how hot it was, he always said yes. Most of my early driving was to Dunkin Donuts to pick up the nightly coffee. Then there were those rare days when Mom or Dad would come home with a box of Munchkins. A ďMagic BoxĒ as it was referred to in the Mahoney household. Dunkin was all I ever knew. And then I moved to Western New York.

Here was this cafe and bake shop I could only identify with as itís namesake, Tim Hortons. A name I only recognized as a Toronto Maple Leaf and two-time New York Ranger. Yes, I know he played for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres as well, but again, as a Staten Island native, I was brought up to root for the Broadway Blues.

I remember the first time I walked into a Tim Hortons, it was in Geneseo, with my boyfriend who grew up in WNY. I never knew love at first sight was real, Iím still talking about Tim Hortonís here, people. The electronic menu board, the fireplace in the corner, the beautiful brick work at the counter; What was this place? I donít remember what I got that fateful day I fell in love for the second time in my life, nor do I remember the countless times Iíve been in a Timmy Hoís since then. But I do remember how big my eyes got when I first drove through Springville and saw both a Tim Hortons and a Dunkin Donuts. Never in my life had I had a choice between the two.

Now that Iíve been living in the Springville area for a little over a month, Iíve found one thing to be true, I canít choose. Each has some things I love about them and some things I could do without. I donít drink coffee, so Iíll let you guys hash out who serves a better cup of joe, but I do enjoy iced tea, almost every day, and I have declared a favorite. I also enjoy hot chocolate on those colder days, which Iím quickly finding out WNY has a lot of, and Iíve declared a favorite for that as well.

I wonít tell you which one is which, I donít want to cause any animosity between anyone, but I will tell you Iíve been taking turns between the two. Trying to see who holds my heart in my trivial battle to find which is better. The place I grew up with, deep rooted with a memory of traveling to New Jersey to get a Coolatta when the power was out in New York City, or the place native to my now-home, ready to be planted with new memories of daily trips.

ďLet go of the past,Ē a piece of advice weíve all received at least once in our life, but now Iím wondering, why? No matter how long I spend in WNY, Iíll always be a city girl, easily able to find my way around Manhattan. But now I also identify with WNYers, crying over yet another Buffalo Bills loss and navigating my way through Zoar Valley. So those days when Iím excited for my new life here in Springville, Iíll roll up my rim, but those days when I wish I was in my hometown, Iíll meet you under the purple and orange awning.


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2014-05-16 | 19:44:50
Tim Hortons vs Dunkin Donuts
I love it!