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Another four years

SPRINGVILLE — When Americans opened their eyes on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, they could hear the proverbial pin drop. Political ads had disappeared from the airwaves, candidate signs had vanished from front yards and phones no longer rang with tinny, automated pleas for votes.

I voted in a presidential election for the first time in my life, this year, although nobody handed me an “I voted” sticker to prove it. I had told myself, prior to Nov. 6, that I didn’t care who won the presidential election; that both candidates left much to be desired and that America’s financial deficit, foreign policies and political struggles could not be fixed, regardless of the man in charge. But, as I sat down in my privacy cubby, ballot in hand, I found that my hands were nervously shaking, as I filled in the tiny circles.

It does not matter how many winners’s names I marked off, although I’m sure the dozens of candidates and their staff members who are now facing a year without employment wish they could have changed a few more minds. It doesn’t matter that some race results disappointed me, while others made me smile and high-five those joining me in watching the election coverage.

What matters is that America has spoken and our elected officials have been chosen, for better or for worse. Our country has a long way to go and there is a man in the White House who has promised to improve our situation.

It is our duty as Americans to support our politicians on every level, from local to national. In my opinion, both presidential candidates were very considerate and diplomatic in their Nov. 6 speeches. After the dust settled in the polling places, both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama urged their constituents and political peers to put their differences aside and work together, for the good of the country.

“At a time like this, we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing,” Romney said. ”Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do critical work.”

Obama said he was “looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties, to meet challenges we can only solve together.”

They need our support, they need our prayers and they need our cooperation.

Congratulations to all of the winning candidates. For many, it’s an uphill battle and I wish them the best in the months and years ahead.

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2012-11-15 | 05:30:50
four more years
Duplicate promises of four years ago,promised to cut debt,increased by four trillion,immigration nothing done,downgraded credit rating,no energy policy,open mike to Russia ,are you concerned?