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The spirit of Springville strikes again in community service

SPRINGVILLE — Springville is a community of people who help each other. A few months ago, I wrote about how two Springville Highway Department employees pushed me out of a snowbank, when I slid into one on West Main Street. Last week, I went to get a hot dog and fries, when it was spring for a few days. Remember spring? My french fries were too hot to eat and my lunch break wasn’t as long as my drive, so I decided to take my fries and Loganberry to go. When he saw that my hands were full, a friendly restaurateur not only opened the door and thanked me for coming in, but opened my car door for me as well, closing it behind me before wishing me a great day. It made my day.

But local residents go beyond little acts of kindness, too. And the weekend after next, “Remembering Lisa’s Smile” will show one local family what we’re all made of.

As the article on Page 3 explains in more detail, the Christian Youth Corps of Delevan, volunteers from local churches, Boy Scout troops, the Springville-Griffith Institute school district and a whole slew of other organizations will band together to help a family that needs a new lease on life.

The Trading Post Community Care Center on Franklin Street and the Springville-Concord Food Pantry, as well as local church outreaches and the S-GI Family Support Center see the people in our community that need an extra hand, every day. But this event brings so many of us together who may not otherwise get involved, which is a heartwarming and encouraging sight.

As Linette Crelly, Trading Post CEO said to me, “It’s great to see Springville coming together, because we’re that kind of community.” Indeed we are, Linette. And that’s just another thing to love about this little town we live and work in.

This year’s Spring Clean-up Day is also coming up the first weekend of May, during which S-GI students get out into the community to help beautify our community, especially for elder residents and those who are unable to get that Spring cleaning done, themselves. This isn’t the only clean-up effort done this time of year, but it is one of the largest. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping an eye on the snow piles, which have turned into dirt and litter piles, at the back end of the municipal parking lot. It’s time to get those cleaned up at least, I can say that much.

This time of year, religious people of several faith traditions are focused on rebirth and renewal. As a Catholic, I will be lopping the head off a butter lamb and eating my weight in kielbasa this Sunday, in celebration of Easter. I’m not sure how those traditions got connected either, but regardless of your background, the little flowers peeking their heads through what I hope is the last of the snow, a beautiful moon peering from behind the clouds last week and even kids walking down the sidewalk sans jacket can fill us all with a sense that something beautiful and warm is coming, even if spring is a little slow to arrive, this year.

Why don’t we all celebrate that warmth by joining in one of these local endeavors to make our community a little warmer, a little cleaner, a little better for everyone?

Happy Passover, happy Easter and happy spring, to all of our readers and friends.

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