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Career Day taught me to remember why

Norbert Bukowski and his fourth grade class taught me a few things!
Monday morning I found myself walking into an elementary school, a place I havenít been in many years, for the annual career day. I was asked a while ago and had butterflies in my stomach until the first class came in.

I spoke to the students about the ins and outs of my job, the good, the bad and the ugly, if you will. I explained that my favorite part of each day was learning something new. Whether it be how a hot air balloon works, the amount of force in a fire hose or someoneís journey living with cancer, everyday I get to learn something new.

Now, to most fourth graders a job where you learn everyday may not be all that exciting, but these students werenít ordinary fourth graders.

The five classes I saw were a mix of Springville and Colden students, and I donít remember being so bright in the fourth grade. They asked many questions, laughed at my stories and even told me some of their stories.

When I asked who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, almost all of them raised their hands. There were professional athletes, hunters, firefighters, photographers, artists, teachers, nurses and marine biologists. All right there in our little schools.

When I was in the fourth grade I think I still wanted to be an actress.

Saturday morning will see a new generation of students one step closer to achieving their dreams. High school graduations send kids in all different directions: the military, college and the workforce. Students who, just eight years ago were sitting in fourth grade telling their career day presenter what they want to be when they grow up. And here they are, all grown up and ready to take the first real steps toward their career goals.

Itís always refreshing to see a new crop of students graduate, fresh faced and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

Graduation season is one of my favorite in the journalism business. I love getting to speak to the newest alumni and share their anticipation for whatever the next step of their life is. This season I got a reminder of how that feeling begins at a young age. The possibilities those fourth graders expressed to me on Monday are going to be realities for the seniors switching their tassels on Saturday.

I can only hope when Iím covering the S-GI graduation in eight years I get to speak to those same fourth graders I did on Monday and hear about the MLB draft, their latest six point buck or the first time they took blood. Because that innocence we have in fourth grade, is what makes us who we are at high school graduation.

Good luck to all the graduating seniors! And to Mr. Bís class, enjoy your summer break!

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