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24-Hour Masquerade offers online consignment in Western New York

SPRINGVILLE — For ladies who prefer shopping in front of a computer to braving the crowds at the mall, there is a new option in town. Enter 24-Hour Masquerade, an online consignment shop that lets customers search for secondhand clothing at any hour of the day or night.

Owner Trinity Nuernberger officially launched the business on July 12, after the idea “just came to me one day.”

She said she had always wanted to open a business of some kind, but that she could never decide what type to pursue. Since she also works a full-time job, the former Springville resident, who now lives in Delevan, said she was drawn to consignment because it “would be a low-cost start up idea, because inventory is always free until it is purchased by my customers.”

The name came from Nuernberger’s own love of dressing up, she explained. “I have always been interested in masks and costumes, so it seemed fun to use ‘masquerade’ in the name.

“The 24-Hour part seemed natural because online consignment shops are the only ones that can be open literally 24 hours a day. Not many other businesses can continue to run while the owner and helpers are asleep!”

While 24-Hour Masquerade currently accepts only consignment merchandise from local sellers, Nuernberger said her best customers come from as far away as Texas and California.

“It is an easy way to make some extra cash with little to no effort,” Nuernberger said, of the benefits of running a consignment business. “The nice part about consigning online is that the market is extended through the entire USA. Not many consignment shops in New York can say that they have sold clothing to customers from the West Coast,” she noted.

The business uses PayPal™ for payments to consignors, who receive 40 percent commission on the final sale of their items, minus shipping fees. 24-Hour Masquerade sets the price of the items, which must be clean and in good condition in order to be considered for sale. Consignors can earn credits for their sales, which can then be applied to items they, in turn, wish to purchase. So far, Nuernberger said that consignors are doing well. Her most successful seller, Meghan Breindel, has earned more than $50 from “two small bags of clothing,” with more still on the docket.

“Business started off slower than expected, but in the last few weeks it has grown in many ways,” she explained. “[The business has expanded] not only in consignor and customer numbers, but also in income, as well. Even with a full time job, it has been surprisingly fun, yet busy, to run this business on the side. I expect it to continue to grow over the next few years,” she said.

The business, which operates entirely on Facebook, carries clothing and accessories for women ages 12 – 35 in sizes 0 – 4x. In the future, 24-Hour Masquerade will most likely expand to include men’s and children’s clothing to “fill the gaps and continue to grow my target market,” Nuernberger said.

“I have found that jeans, dresses and skirts sell best,” she added. “Other items sell well depending on the quality. Also ... name brands are quick sellers, as well.”

Nuernberger said that her sister Glory has been “a huge help to me since the day that I came up with the idea.

She helps with details, taking pictures, packaging and sending items, and so much more.”

Nuernberger said she hopes to grow the business as time goes on, maybe expanding into a storefront some time in the future.

“It is hard to know where God will lead me and my business ventures, but if it were up to me, I would definitively be opening a consignment store in the Springville area within the next few years,” she said. “Only time will tell!”

24-Hour Masquerade can be found on Facebook at

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