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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Gun violence in the USA costs $12 billion, annually

Not so long ago, I saw a newspaper article about the cost of gun violence for the USA. It stated that gun violence costs our country $12 billion a year.

That certainly sounds like a lot of money. No wonder our state and federal legislators are trying to do something about gun laws.

I felt this was a lot of money, until I checked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) statistics, regarding other costly problems, for our country.

Something we hear about regularly, on the news, is alcohol-related crashes, so I decided to check how much alcohol-related car crashes cost our country. According to the CDCP, our country spends $51 billion on alcohol-related crashes, annually. Thatís almost five times more than the cost of gun violence.

Then, I decided to check the cost of just car crashes, alone. According to the CDCP, the cost of just plain car crashes is $99 billion, annually. When this is compared to the cost of gun violence, gun violence is approximately 1/10 the cost of car crashes. Now, thatís a lot of money.

This statistic alone should point our legislators in a different direction. Instead of trying to impose more gun restrictions, on law-abiding citizens, they should be imposing more vehicle restrictions, on all of us.

I have a great idea. If you really want to save lives and billions of dollars in health care costs, instead of focusing on gun control, institute stricter car control. Maybe no car sales of cars that donít meet the five-star safety rating, or all cars must have a Breathalyzerô ignition lock system, or maybe we should make driver education much tougher.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention: Gun owners have constitutional protection, in the form of the Second Amendment. Car drivers have no constitutional protection.

Richard Kazmark

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