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Gun control does work


OK, another gun guy who can’t stay on topic, in the July 27th Journal. And no Mr. Kazmark, I haven’t forgotten Newton Ct. but I seem to think we should do more than tell those parents “Sucks to be you!”

“Washington D.C. and Chicago are proof that gun control doesn’t work?” Both of those cities are next to states where, with a clean ID and enough cash, you can get enough weapons to equip your very own Mexican drug cartel. Sorry, but that proves nothing.

See, Adam Lanza’s mom was a “law-abiding gun owner.” (Having guns kept her safe right? Oh wait.No, Adam shot her with her own gun.) The Viginia Tech shooter was a “law- abiding gun owner,” until he broke the law. The Colorado Theater shooter was a “law-abiding gun owner,” until he broke the law. The Arizona shooter was a “law-abiding gun owner” until he broke the law. The Sikh Temple shooter was a “law-abiding gun owner,” until he broke the law. The parents of the Columbine killers were “law-abiding gun owners.” Dawn Nyungen who bought an AR 15 for the Webster fireman shooter was a “law-abiding gun owner” until she broke the law. How do you disarm them or disarm their family members?

We’re not talking about the average gangbangers. Or everyday criminals. We’re talking about spree killers. Semi- automatics and mega clips give these psychos the opportunity for bigger bodycounts. Tell me, would you allow anyone to buy and carry as many hand grenades as they could afford?

Hunt big game? You don’t need a semiauto for that. If you do you should practice on the range more. Protection at work or at home? Unless you work and/or live in Syria, Mogadishu, Somalia, Afghanistan or Pakisastan. You don’t need a semiauto.

And by the way, one of the NRA Board members is seventies rocker Ted Nugent, who, on the record, bragged about defecating and urinating in his pants for a month. without bathing or changing in order to get out of going to Vietnam. Look it up.

Larry Schultz

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2013-08-08 | 10:59:47
You really get your jollies telling other people how to live their lives.
2013-08-08 | 11:21:01
Typical Liberal Statements
"would you allow anyone" "You don’t need" They love to control people.
2013-08-08 | 14:44:16
The thing that the author fails to realize is that anyone who attempts to harm any innocent person with a gun is not a "law-abiding gun owner." Actually, Chicago and the District and prime examples of FAILED gun control. Laws that do nothing to unlawful gun "owners." The SAFE act doesn't add jail time to real criminals. Actually, in another Liberal Wonderland (Maryland) a law was thrown out by the Liberal-controlled House of Delegates that would have eliminated parole and good behavior points for any criminal who used a gun in a crime. How would you feel about that, sir? Keeping criminals off the street? Nah...we need their votes. What is a "mega clip?" I know of a magazine and a clip, but what is a "mega clip?" Maybe you should study the definition of magazine and clip before professing that you are a crime and gun control expert. Stop telling people what they do and don't need.
2013-08-08 | 14:55:05
If you don't like guns, don't buy/use them. Don't profess your beliefs as correct and force them on everybody. Maybe we should ban cars because they can kill people in the wrong hands. Ted Kennedy would have killed one less person.
2013-08-09 | 09:58:29
I wouldn't think...
I wouldn't think of telling Mr. Schultz what he should be allowed...or what he does or doesn't "need". As long as he doesn't harm anyone...I don't care what he does. Apparently Mr. Schultz thinks he knows what's best for other people.