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Sardinia should vote for Gambino, Earl and Hochadel


I am writing today to show my support for Bev Gambino for supervisor, Cheryl Earl for councilwoman and Len Hochadel for councilman. They stand on the side of tax relief for all those who are taxpayers in this town, and that’s to the benefit of all residents of the town of Sardinia.

I’ve heard lots of the opposition’s “talking points” about the tax rebate plan, that cloud the issue with questions about fairness, or questions about the impact on certain individuals’ personal income tax, etc. I’ve also heard, and am tired of seeing, businesses or companies attacked and criticized for applying for the same tax benefits that are available to the rest of the taxpayers in the town. Why the animosity toward businesses and companies who are also our employers? We see it at the national level, but I never thought I’d see the day when our local community would buy into the “business is the bad guy” and “class warfare” mentality.

Bottom line is this: the town of Sardinia is in excellent fiscal shape because of some difficult decisions and sometimes hard choices that our town boards, both past and present, have made. And some of those who fought those board decisions the hardest were some of the first ones with their hands out for the “cookies.” That just plain burns me.

The host community receipts to the town are meant to offset dollars that would otherwise have to be paid by taxpayers. It’s not a cookie jar, or a lottery winning. It’s hard fought for, and hard-won resources that otherwise would have to be provided by those who are taxpayers in this community. All residents, both taxpayers and non-taxpayers, benefit from the services that this fund provides for, and from the excellent fiscal management of that resource that we’ve seen over the past four years and the wise decision-making of our current administration. But tax reduction for those paying the taxes is the fairest way I can think of, to administer tax relief. A candidate who claims that they know better how to spend those resources doesn’t have my confidence. Who will benefit from their choices? Who stands to gain? Follow the bouncing dollar signs. If this election comes down to a choice between who decides how to spend what are essentially taxpayer dollars (and that is what this election is about), then I’d much rather it be the taxpayers, themselves. That’s what Bev Gambino, Cheryl Earl and Len Hochadel think, too. And that’s why they’re the team that gets my vote.

Matthew Mumbach
East Concord

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