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I’ll tell you where we went wrong, America


“Where did we go wrong America?” I’ve got an easy answer; the federal assault weapons ban that was enacted in 1994 was allowed to expire in 2004. The average American could get semi-automatics; thousands of Americans could get new toys—yes a toy. Unless you are constantly using if for self defense or fighting government takeovers it’s basically a toy, a deadly one true, but a toy. And sociopaths dreaming of their own personal Valhalla can get the tools for bigger bloodier body counts. The costs are outweighing the benefits.

While I agree the NRA and SCOPE doesn’t want more killings, their attitude is basically “Your kid died? Sucks to be you. But we aren’t changing anything.” They even handled it quite brilliantly making the argument about guns in general when the argument was about semi-automatics only.

What’s their answer? They think everyone should have a gun and American towns should look like Kabul, Afghanistan on a Friday night. They’ve even been doing that in Texas with people bringing their AR-15 to local fast food restaurants. News Flash: Even Texans don’t like it. Why? Because the only way to tell a law abiding gun owner with a semi-auto from a sociopath with a semi-auto is that the sociopath will start shooting you, and then it’s too late. The Santa Barbara Shooter didn’t look like any psychopath stereotype.

Yes we’ve heard the usual, “knives, baseball bats, pipes, golf clubs, screwdrivers, garden gnomes and other heavy objects can be used to kill, are you going to ban those too?” Well the shooter with a semi-automatic rifle and a 30 round clip can kill more people in a limited about of time than with a knife, a revolver, or most easily available household objects. That’s a fact.

Larry Schultz


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2014-06-13 | 15:12:45
Let me inform you of a few things that you stated that make you appear to have ZERO firearms knowledge and should not be professing that you are some sort of expert. First, GUNS ARE NOT TOYS!!! To think that is incredibly dangerous and disrespectful. Next, the differences in military 'assault weapons' and modern sporting weapons, like the AR-15 family, are immense. The AR-15 is the most popular firearm in America. It's ergonomic for people who have disabilities, designed for more accurate shooting, and it's designed to be SAFER through its design (the AR-15 was designed by the Armalite corporation in the 1950's as a private project, not a military one). Next, none of the organizations you mention are forcing anyone to buy a gun, nor do they scoff when people do bad things with guns. If you don't like them, don't buy one. This is the United States, people shouldn't tell you what to buy and not buy. Also, there are other semi-automatics that were legal during the 1994 AWB, like the Remington 7400, Browning BAR, and Ruger Mini 14 that basically do the same thing as one of these supposed "scary black rifles." Next, the groups that are open carrying AR-15s in public are simply doing it for attention. However, they are legally allowed to do it. In addition to that, businesses are allowed to turn people away for such things, and that's the business owner's right. The VAST majority of gun owners would not carry a gun into a Chipotle because it's not really needed, but it's legal and should stay that way. I doubt that any of those people are going to kill anyone. Next to last, the kid in California that killed those people used his BMW, a knife, and a gun. He looked like a sociopath in the YouTube video he posted, a spoiled, entitled sociopath who had KNOWN MENTAL PROBLEMS! Finally, there is a difference between a clip and a magazine. I find it completely disrespectful and unintelligent to not know the difference when arguing firearms. On that note, I cannot take your argument seriously when you can't even get the nomenclature correct.