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Good Samaritans help out stranded local motorist


I wanted to thank the three wonderful men that stopped to help me when I was stuck and stranded on Middle Road on Feb. 5.

It was one of the mornings that we received a tremendous amount of snow, in a short period of time. I drove my car to town to get gas and upon returning home, could not make it up the unplowed hill shortly before my house.

I called AAA and sat and waited, not wanting to abandon my car on the road. After waiting well over the half hour that they said they would be there, I attempted to call again, only to find my cell phone suddenly was not working! It was freezing cold and snowing and I watched the countless cars drive by me, surprised that not one of them stopped to see if the person in the car was OK or in need of assistance. I guess we have all begun to take for granted that everyone has a cell phone and doesn’t need help!

Finally, after over 1 1/2 hours and no sight of AAA, a man stopped to see if I was OK! It ended up being an off-duty deputy named Todd Jones. Shortly after, a second man stopped, John from Pratham Road, and then a third young man, from the nearby trailer park. It took all three of them to shovel and push me out! I guess what I took away from the day is that there are still some good Samaritans out there (I was beginning to wonder) and that when we see a car stranded on the road, we should not just drive by and assume that the person is OK and does not need our help! I was fortunate that, in my case, it wasn’t a matter of life and death, but how would we know unless we take a moment to be a good Samaritan and check?

Thank you again to the three men that cared enough to take that moment.

Joan Mariea
East Concord

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