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There is no excuse to trap

Some of my most enjoyable days are a visit to a petting zoo. To behold the joy of small children petting the animals and feeding them is a special treat. To see those joyous children is worth the trip, itself.

Then, I find out that some of these same children, when a few years older, canít wait to get a trapping or hunting license to kill animals they were joyously petting, just a few years ago. What happened?

I know the standard refrain. ďWe trap and hunt, to spare the animal a death of starvation. We do these animals a big favor.Ē In fact, it goes so far as to never use the word ďkill.Ē So, they say ďharvestĒ like it was wheat or corn.

I wonder how some children evolve into a lust for killing an animal. If it was to put food on the table by a poverty-stricken family head, Iíd help that unfortunate person to buy the gun. But itís almost never that.

Itís a strange lust, to kill and then strap the dead animal on the fender or rooftop and proudly drive, up and down the street. In the case of trappers, itís a lust for money.

I can understand a young person wanting to earn a few dollars, but how about a paper route or mowing lawns or shoveling sidewalks, in the winter? Anything but the cruel pursuit of trapping animals.

By the way, if trappers are in your area, keep your cat in the house or leash your dog. Many of these pets accidentally end up in those same traps.

Cheryl Cranston

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