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'Where did we go wrong' editorial doesn’t tell the whole story


Where did America go wrong? For starters newspapers print biased stories full of half truths, non-truths and innuendos. Take the article in the May 31 edition of the Springville Journal. Or was it an editorial? Who ever penned the story was never identified.

I’m presuming the editor of the Journal wrote the piece, calling the murderer in California a “gunman,” neglecting the fact that Elliot Rodger, the murderer, stabbed the first three people to death with a knife.

The writer states Gov. Cuomo was trying to make NYS safer with the passage of the SAFE ACT and “we can’t blame him for that.” The writer also stated he/she knows nothing about guns, doesn’t own a gun and yet can tell the readers of the Journal of the “idea” Cuomo had behind the SAFE ACT.

Did the writer attend the meeting April 14, 2014 at the Joylan Theater that discussed the SAFE ACT? Did s/he listen to Assemblyman David DiPietro and Sheriff Tim Howard speak of the illegal and unconstitutional aspects of the law? Did s/he witness first hand the protest at the Springville Field and Stream Club on January 11, 2014 and the outpouring of support from not only around the state but around the country?

Here is a quote from Cuomo: “If they are extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York,” Cuomo defined “extreme conservatism” as being “anti-gay” by opposing same-sex marriage rights, opposed to abortion rights and favoring legalization of assault weapons.

Following New York’s enactment of the so-called S.A.F.E. Act, Kahr, a gun manufacturer announced that it would be moving some of its operations from the Empire State to more gun–friendly Pennsylvania. Prior to New York’s new law, Kahr had been considering building a new facility, with 80-100 additional jobs, in Orange County, N.Y. When asked about the move by the Wall Street Journal, Kahr Vice President of Sales and Marketing Frank Harris said of New York, “We don’t feel welcome.”

Even Remington, which has built firearms in Ilion, New York, for over 150 years, is reported to be looking to move part or all of that operation to a gun-friendly state.

I think our illustrious Gov. Cuomo should be paying more attention to the frustration over taxes and registration fees which is driving more people to leave New York than any other state in the nation. A study by the Tax Foundation shows New York is 50th in what it calls “income migration.”

Lastly, the writer stated that we could learn something from elementary students on how we could learn to live together. That’s probably the only idea she has that I agree with because what’s going on here in New York state certainly will only get worse with the leadership that is now in place.

Gary Ebert


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2014-06-12 | 01:11:52
Very well put. While I commend the original author's efforts, I believe that anti-gun politicians have about as much firearm knowledge as I have knowledge of Chinese Algebra (none to speak of). By the way, Remington is moving at least part of its manufacturing to Alabama to escape the laws/taxes of this state. I predict that all 1,200 jobs will be in Alabama by 2020. And we thought NY was Job Friendly.