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Natural gas drilling makes sense for New York


Environmental lobbyists (and antis) have spent millions of dollars on negative propaganda about hydraulic fracturing, leading people to believe it is dangerous and toxic. Their agenda is purely personal and self-serving.

As a concerned landowner and after must investigation, I have listed here websites and search sites, loaded with facts the antis hope you’ll never learn about.

In the interest of boosting New York’s economy, saving generational family farms and creating well-paying jobs, I ask you all to educate yourselves, on this vitally important issue, and learn the truth.

Here are just a few: Answers by professionals to any questions you could have, on hydraulic fracturing. Open list of all chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process.

– New York’s DEC 2011 SGEIS. Report on the hydraulic fracturing regulations.

– Ground Water Protection Council. You can check out any state that participates in natural gas drilling, on water quality.

– EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Check out hydraulic fracturing findings.

– “Truthland.” 35-minute documentary on hydraulic fracturing truths uncovered by scientists and geologists.

– “FrackNation.” Documentary by Phelim MacAleer, which debunks the statements in the movie “Gasland.”

A 2011 Manhattan Institute analysis found that marcellus shale drilling is responsible for more than 57,000 jobs in W.Va. and Pa. It also states that ending the N.Y. moratorium would generate $11.4 billion in economic output and increase state and local tax revenues by $1.4 billion.

More important, it would create up to 18,000 well-paying jobs, in WNY alone, and another estimated 90,000 jobs in other NYS fields, such as the Utica.

Get this: 28 states are now drilling for natural gas and oil. More than 1 million hydrofracked wells have been drilled, across the United States, over the past 50-some years.

All the states involved and our own DEC’s SGEIS study state unequivocally, hydraulic fracturing can and is being done safely.

Now, I’m not saying the drilling process is fail-safe; nothing is. Minor spills have happened and cracked cases have occurred, in the past, but the industry has learned how to prevent these problems for future drilling, through innovation and stringent regulations.

One of these innovations is liquid petroleum gas (LPG), which uses no water. It’s my opinion that hydraulic fracturing will be a miraculous reinvention for the people of NYS. Energy independence is crucial to this entire country’s survival.

Here’s a question for you all: You know there’s a small chance of having an accident while driving, but does that stop you from getting in your car? It’s the same principle, with hydraulic fracturing. If you’re careful, you’re safe.

You can’t base your decisions on words like “might,” “maybe,” “could,” “what if” or “possibly.” That’s what the antis do!

Science and facts have uncovered the truth (SGEIS study). The drilling process is as safe as humanly possible and it’s improving, every day.

Janice Miller

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