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Cast your vote for Allison Duwe


As the May 21st school board election approaches, we would like to tell you why we will be voting for Allison Duwe.

“Put teaching ahead of testing,” says Allison Duwe, and we agree.

We believe that the education of our district’s children should be trusted to those who are most experienced and who personally know the needs and individual requirements of each child: the highly-qualified and dedicated teachers and administrators of S-GI.

Allison Duwe thinks so, too.

We can no longer stand idle and watch, as our schools become more and more controlled by testing companies, textbook publishers and corporate-influenced politicians and less and less by trained and experienced classroom teachers, who care about all aspects of our children’s individual skills, interests and emotional well-being. Allison Duwe doesn’t want to, either.

Instead of having a board that falls at the feet of the state, as each new reform idea or testing initiative comes down the pike, or a board that jumps to spend money on any new technology or curriculum package that comes along – often with little teacher input or regard to its effectiveness – we want a board that makes thoughtful decisions, that are educationally sound. Allison Duwe wants this, too.

It is no small feat to stand up against the Goliath “educational reform” movement, that is endorsed and supported by powerful interests in Albany and across the nation, but our board can resist this thoughtless scramble, toward mass-produced sameness and mediocrity, and work to preserve and restore what makes Springville unique and dynamic.

Allison Duwe has the gumption to stand up for creative and thoughtful solutions to our ever-changing and individual needs, as a district.

Allison Duwe understands that we need a board that will use what power it has to represent its most important asset: our children. The future of our community – and the greater global community – depends on it.

Christine Small and Tim Hooker


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2013-05-03 | 10:23:21
Poor Choice
Do you think it is appropriate for someone such as her (who has a child in the district) to be on the School Board? I think is is a major conflict of interest. These types of conflicts have resulted in public education being in the mess we currenlty find it.