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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Taking a closer look at the Second Amendment

Wanted to thank Mr. Ploetz for his response and attempt at a history lesson, but really, comparing the arms-bearers of colonial times to the arms-bearers now is like putting a Superman costume on and saying you’re Superman.

For the colonists, hunting was a major part of their food supply. They had to hunt to have meat. It wasn’t just a fun thing to do. And they were part of the Army and/or law enforcement. They came to the aid of their neighbors because, if they didn’t, they knew they’d be out of luck, when they needed help.

Big difference from the current NRA “I have a gun, so I am an island unto myself” attitude. Basically, all rights and no responsibilities.

Oh and “the tyranny begins when he and Mr. Cuomo don’t understand the words from the Second Amendment :‘shall not be infringed?’” Ah, but you’re ignoring the whole amendment that also says “well-regulated militia.”

Even if you wish to use the colonial definition of militia as “any able-bodied male” (or person, if you want to be PC), there’s still the well–regulated part. It didn’t say “unregulated militia” or “do-whatever-you-please militia.”

Plenty of weapons are regulated. Fully automatic weapons are illegal. RPGs are illegal; flame-throwers are illegal; switchblades are illegal. You have to get a special license and go though classes to get a taser.

Ah, yes. Hunting is safer now? Of course it is. There are fewer places to legally hunt, now. If you posted 90 percent of football fields in the state with no trespassing signs, the number of football injuries would drop, as well.

Ah. And Hitler? Mr. Ploetz, were you asleep in history class? Hitler was voted into office by a fearful populace who were eager to have somebody else to blame for their problems, at the time, kind of like the current NRA hierarchy, today.

The best protection against a dictator taking over America is staying involved in our political system, not pretending to be Rambo.

Larry Schultz

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