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Time to ban assault-type rifles

Itís time to ban assault-type rifles in our society. These weapons have been designed and built for only one reason and that is to kill other people.

Regardless of the different, competitive events that have been organized to accommodate these guns, the basic potential of their existence remains a fact. It does not matter what the caliber of weapon is, rimfire or centerfire, because, in the hands of the wrong people, they outgun the police.

Weíve made it too easy for multiple slaughters to occur and it must cease, both state-wide and nation-wide.

Louis Starr
Retired Patrol Deputy
Erie County Sheriff Office
Life Member, National Rifle Association

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2012-12-27 | 09:25:42
gun control
It may very well be a good idea to further restrict this type of weapon . However don't think that will solve the problem . We need to have a healthier attitude towards mental health . Illnesses of this nature needs to be treated and not hidden . It should not be an embarrassment to the family for seeking help . Sick people used these guns . They should have been helped before they picked up the guns.
2012-12-29 | 11:17:17
Semi-automatic gun control
All hunting and/or sporting firearms from the beginning of firearms were assault weapons as they were developed for the military. The current military rifle is the most up to date technology and who in our society doesn't want the latest development in technology in whatever their endeavors. It is not the firearm it is the unstable person or persons and we have enough laws concerning firearms that are not being executed(no pun intended). What will all the well intended people cry out for if a reservoir is poisoned or another office building is blown up or the use of current science used for mass destruction. How do control this?