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Facts missing from letter


There were a number of facts that were left out of Larry Schultz’s articles in the past two letters. First of all, if sheriff Tim Howard is grandstanding by refusing to enforce the SAFE Act, he is joined by the district attorney of Columbia County, N.Y. DA Paul Czajka is making good on a promise not to prosecute Gregory Dean Jr., arrested under the SAFE Act.

Also, as of July 13, 54 counties have passed resolutions for the repeal of the Safe Act. 255 cities, towns and villages have resolutions for the repeal. Nineteen law enforcement agencies, 18 New York State American Legions, as well as pistol permit clerks, chambers of commerce and sportsmen clubs have expressed outrage over this law and some stated they will not comply. So to say Sheriff Howard is grandstanding, well then, he is not alone. I will mention that there are only nine combined cities and counties that are in favor of the SAFE Act.

There is a lawsuit underway. by the New York State Pistol and Rifle Association. challenging the SAFE Act. Provisions under challenge in the lawsuit include the bill’s expansion of the list of weapons covered by the state’s assault weapons ban, as well as a section restricting the size of ammunition mags to seven rounds – a provision that Cuomo has expressed willingness to move back to 10.

Thank God a 50-year-old man, who was robbed of a gold chain and money, had enough ammo. The victim, who legally owned a gun, shot the two robbers. This happened recently on Minnesota Avenue in Buffalo, N.Y.

Schultz’s most recent article speaks of the senseless murders committed by lunatics he labels “law-abiding gun owners.” While demonizing the gun, Schultz fails to realize and report that, in four instances, the murders took place in “Gun Free Zones.” How convenient. He fails to state that all the murders were pre-planned. Law-abiding, Larry? In what universe?

And who is Larry to speak about “semi-autos” as to what gun a hunter needs for hunting? He hunts?

Is he speaking from experience? No. Just psycho-babble, I would presume. And, as Mr. Kazmark stated, restrictive gun laws don’t work, referring to Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

Schultz stated that all one has to do is travel to a neighboring state, to buy guns and ammo. This is just one of the talking point by the skinny guy who stands behind the podium that has the U.S. Seal of the president on it and couldn’t tell you how many states are in the U.S. and Bloomburg.

If you would open a book, Larry, you would discover Vermont, Utah and Texas have less restrictive laws and they don’t have anywhere near the murders. Why is that, Schultz?

Finally, Snopes has “undetermined” written about your accusations, about Ted Nugent’s behavior. It reminds me of Obama’s place of birth.

Gary Ebert


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