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Could this happen to you?


Based on the following scenario, every village citizen could be a victim. Our village post office has refused to deliver mail to certain homes, based on an unsubstantiated allegation. A carrier claims to have been chased, untouched, by a family pet. The postmaster has arbitrarily withdrawn all home delivery to the pet owner and their neighbors!

Even after all demands were met by the homeowners. There has been no evidence provided, to back up these claims. Repeated requests to investigate how these claims can be true, have gone unanswered.

The pet owners do not own an outside pet and keep their dog crated during the day, to comply with post office demands. They have also met with the dog control officer and satisfied all requirements and questions. The control office said, “You are doing everything you are supposed to do.” The post office still refuses to allow mail to be delivered, unless the mailbox is at the street.

Did you know a postal carrier has a route and a job “for life?” Wouldn’t it be great if we all had that type of job security? It is agreed that carriers need to be protected from certain hazards, as we all do. But when there is an allegation that could not possibly have occurred, it is simply wrong to take such permanent action; there is no willingness to seek a solution.

So, citizens of Springville, keep your pets inside, when your carrier is delivering. Otherwise, you may have to purchase a P.O. box, at your own expense, in order to get your mail. Don’t make your carrier upset, he/she only has to mention that they are not safe, and you have 100 percent no recourse.

The Springville Postmaster has informed us that they will attempt to have all village mailboxes moved to the sidewalk on Main Street. This will be done in the next couple of years. So, you better buy those new posts and boxes now!

Jason Seiler

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2013-11-01 | 12:29:11
not always harmless
The letter states: "chased, untouched, by a family pet". These family pets can be deadly. Fortunately, the carrier was untouched, but a person being chased has no way of knowing if the "family pet" will cause harm. Although the pet owner always claims that their pet is harmless, the postal carrier is wise to avoid what they perceive to be a threat.
2013-11-01 | 13:55:20
So true
I have been chased, caught and bit by a number of so-called harmless family pets while walking or jogging in the road, not even approaching the home's door. If you are not outside with your pet to keep it under control (leash)then perhaps fish are a better choice.
2013-11-12 | 13:51:51
Your replies to this letter ignore the content completely. The letter is to inform people that there doesn't actually have to BE a dog attack. A carrier can just 'say' there was an attack, and the customer has no recourse. There was no dog. There is no outside pet. No one was home at the time of the so called 'attacks', and the dog was CRATED IN THE HOUSE.
2013-11-12 | 13:54:31
If you aren't outside with your dog on a leash? Pet owner claims their dog is harmless? None of the things you are saying even REMOTELY pertain to this letter.