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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Resident responds to SAFE Act

The level of fear in the anti SAFE Act writers surprised me. Mr. Ploetz, who is apparently terrified of a redneck Holocaust: read some actual history, instead of NRA blurbs, and you will feel lots better.

Mr. Swedenhjelm, who is in desperate need of self defense, in East Concord: What Iíd love to know is, when did East Concord become the new Afghanistan, that semi-automatics are such a desperate need?

The only major crimes Iíve heard about in our area were a child murder and a drugstore robbery. So, unless youíre a child or have a lot of drugs in your house, you are pretty safe here.

I know Mr. S. personally. Heís a pretty big dude. I believe he could be in a dark alley in Buffalo, with a fistful of hundreds, with a desperate crackhead, and the crackhead would make other plans.

Yeah, I know the bumper sticker, ďItís better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.Ē Thatís also the motto of paranoid schizophrenics, everywhere.

And, Mr. Ebert lives in terror over stuff that might happen. Itís amazing, how much he changes the subject. We were talking about the SAFE Act. Now he wants to talk about the U.N.

I didnít know what Agenda 21 was, so I did look it up, on the Web. Aside from a lot of what I would expect to hear, from a crazy homeless guy wearing a tinfoil hat so the CIA couldnít read his mind, the actual document is a non-binding agreement.

Why donít you come to the library and look up what non-binding agreement means?

And, the treaty you were talking about? It was to stop arms sales to human rights violators, terrorist supporters and drug traffickers. The kind of people we send our troops against. So, apparently youíre OK with arming our enemies? So much for your much-vaunted patriotism.

Agenda 21 again? I found out something else about Agenda 21. Itís a work of fiction by Glenn Beck, who is apparently trying to be the next L. Ron Hubbard. Itís a tale of a dystopian America, after it was conquered by the U.N.

Now I know what the paranoiacs are thinking. But it could happen! Technically true. But, when you consider the record of how the U.N. has been unable to stop conflicts throughout the world, the odds of them taking over America about the same as me knocking out Mike Tyson in a fist fight.

Larry Schultz

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