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America can do better with its leadership

The Republican convention is over and a few things surprised me.

Jeb Bush saying to President Obama, “Your predecessor kept us safe.” Wow. Apparently another right-winger forgot 9/11 and forgot who was president when 9/11 happened. The fact that GWB and your party only dropped the ball once does not make you the MVPs.

Also, it seems that Paul Ryan thinks that President Obama has mystical time-travel powers. How else could Obama have prevented that plant closing, before he was actually president?

And Mitt trying desperately to bring up the companies he couldn’t outsource.

You cannot expect Americans to buy from a store that isn’t in America. I know people who worked in both stores, Mitt. True, if you offered them enough money, they’d give you the glowing endorsement your staff would write for them.

But it would take them a year to be able to say, “What great careers we have at Sports Authority/Staples,” without bursting into giggles.

Because they are part-time, dead end, minimum wage, no-hope-of-health-benefits-ever jobs.

The true highlight of the evening was Clint Eastwood, when he said, “When somebody isn’t doing the job, you gotta let them go.”

Very true, Clint. But you have to replace them with somebody better. Romney isn’t the guy.

Larry Schultz

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