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Take steps against trapping

If we are interested in torturing animals, I can think of no better way than to take up trapping.

Trappers use a baited, steel leg trap that snaps shut on an animal in the woods. Terrified animals try for days to get loose. Some actually free themselves by eating off their leg, only to die by starvation or infection.

Most trapped animals are not successful in chewing off their leg and must wait days, without food or water, for the trapper to show up.

Their reward for somehow surviving is to be clubbed to death by the trapper. You see, the trapper won’t shoot his catch, as that would bring less money for the pelt.

Young children love animals. If we have ever visited a petting zoo or a county fair, children stand out in their affection and care for animals.

Therefore, I would suggest that Griffith Institute have a required program that spells out the cruelty of trapping animals.

Perhaps the Journal could also join in by refusing to run any articles promoting the trapping of animals.

Cheryl Cranston

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2012-10-23 | 12:53:59
trapping mistruths
C.C. : If you had read the DEC'S trapping rules,you would have learned that trappers are required by law to check traps each 24 hour period so that they do not starve to death.Also, why would a trapper club the animal and chance damaging the pelt when a .22 is faster,safer and more efficient.You may believe trapping is cruel , but in reality trapped animals will probably die more humanely than when left to Mother Natures ways.(disease,starvation,eaten by predators)
2012-10-25 | 19:38:20
trapping lies
Okay, well I grew up in Springville hunting and trapping my whole life and I don't get where you come off saying that it’s cruel and how the animals suffer and chew their own body parts off; because that is not how it happens. They are in the trap for maybe 24 hours and most of the animals we catch just got caught an hour or so before we show up; I have never seen an animal try and chew off their own leg before. The trap does not cut off circulation to the foot or leg; we have released animals before and look them over before we let them go and nothing is wrong with their foot. Also, everyone I know that traps uses a .22 rifle to dispatch the animal. I have seen animals with diseases before and to be honest they suffer more dying Mother Nature’s way than they do in a trap. I wish you would have looked into trapping more than just saying things to catch people’s attention and make them be against trapping even more. I really don't get why you want an anti-trapping program in the school because it’s just like religion, if that’s not allowed to be taught in school then teaching kids trapping is cruel should not be allowed either. I am a proud trapper and will always support it. Next time learn more about what you write about and give facts not lies.