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The NY SAFE Act bans all semiautomatic weapons


More from Mr. K? Cool. First of all I may have said, ďsucks to be you.Ē But I was translating what you really meant.

Good lord, man. Itís not about all guns! The SAFE Act is about banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons and mega clips that hold 10 or more shells, not all guns. Every time thereís a mention of some sane regulation, the NRA and their cult scream a terrified litany of hyperbole that itís all guns, and the government is going to put you in a concentration camp because you dared to keep your dadís service pistol that didnít work anyway.

And, no, Iím not against law-abiding citizens owning guns Iím against how easy it is for sociopaths to get military-grade weapons. And you would have known that, if you werenít behaving like an NRA talking point app.

ďFor NRA talking point A, press 1. For NRA talking point B, press 2. For NRA talking point C, press 3, etc.Ē

Ah, yes, and the ďPeople have killed with knives, swords, rocks, axes, etc. Are ya going to ban those, too?Ē talking point. You know, they should retire that one, itís getting old.

First of all, weíre talking about the SAFE Act. It bans the sale of semi-autos and mega clips. Iíll try to stay on topic, if you will.

Hereís the difference, Mr. K.

Unless heís Jackie Chan or Jet Li, a guy cannot walk into a room with 40 people with a knife and kill half of them. Itís not going to happen. He may get two or three. But the rest are going to subdue him. Same if he came in the room with a rock, a baseball bat, ice pick, etc.

Even if he had a snub nose .38 revolver, the most he could get would be six before he would be subdued. If a guy goes into a room with 40 people with a semi-auto that has a 20-round banana clip, he can kill half of them. Itís been done. Now, now, I know what youíre going to say. ďBut if one of them was packingÖĒ

Just because youíve taken a few shots on the range, it doesnít make you a Navy Seal, and a life or death fire fight in the midst of innocent bystanders is not the same as shooting critters on the back 40.

I had nothing to say about the policeman. If he actually was one. He didnít say what his experience was, so as far as we know, he could have been data entry or evidence clerk. And, true, we will always have evil people, but I donít think we should make it easier for them to do evil.

Larry Schultz

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