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We want you; they need you!


On April 27, Springville Volunteer Fire Department hosted an open house.

This was part of a two-day, statewide recruitment event. All companies across the Empire State do this, in order to recruit new members. Many departments across WNY are down on the necessary men and women, who protect our communities. Their 24-hour, on-call service and dedication to the fire/EMS service is daunting.

I visited our local department, to observe on how prepared the members are.

While listening, I heard stories about different calls and situations these men and women get involved with. The local fire/EMS departments have to deal with, on a daily basis, being prepared for multiple situations.

As a former member of a fire department in southern Erie County, I knew what is expected of each person who joins. They have to be part of a team and each other will have your back. They can joke with each other and will support you, when you have had a bad call. They realize your abilities and will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone.

Many departments received a visit from Mercy Flight, as part of the open house. Many families stopped in, to check it out.

The WNY area is blessed with at least four of these lifesaving birds. They have been in service since 1982 and have been a great addition to EMS in WNY.

The Mercy Flight visit in Springville was cut short, due to a call they received for a emergency. We’ll have to look forward to another visit.

Whether you are young or a seasoned citizen, you are a needed asset to your local department.

If you want a rewarding experience, join your local fire/EMS department today. They need you and your communities wants you!

Many incentives await you and the experiences are endless and the training is free!

Gary Tillinghast

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