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John Allan will be missed


I was saddened to hear of the passing of John Allan. John was a longtime associate, both personally and in local civic matters. It was a pleasure working with John, in the local town government.

We didnít always agree, and John was very set in his convictions. But what set John apart was his sense of honesty and integrity. When there were difficult matters to be handled, ďthe cards were always on the table,Ē when dealing with John. Everything was up front and honest and handled in a professional, businesslike manner. People like that are very difficult to come by, these days.

And, as an Eagle Scout, I can say firsthand the dedication of people like John is what makes Scouting such an integral part in the development of our youth. And, on a personal level, what can one say?

Some of the most humorous and fulfilling memories I have of my time in Concord have to do with time spent with John Allan. You never knew what to expect. John was one-of-a-kind and will be missed. The memories he etched in my mind are things to be valued and, to this day, bring a smile to my face. Iím sure heaven will be a much more lively place, with John in residence. And Iím sure the good Lord saved a special place for John. At least, he better have, if he knows whatís good for himself! God bless John and his family. He will be missed.

Mark Steffan
Nashville, Tenn.
Former Concord Supervisor


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