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Sharing information about hunting and trapping

Gary Ebert is confused about Cheryl Cranstonís letter stating that trapping of animals is cruel and Ebert goes on to tie it into hunting.

Cranston never referred to hunting. Her complaint dealt strictly with trapping of animals.

If hunters, instead of killing, only tried to wound the animal, and days later returned to the wounded animal and then clubbed it to death, people would be outraged. But that is precisely what trapping is all about.

A steel, leg trap is baited and snaps shut on the animalís leg. The animal lies there for days in pain, without food or water, until the trapper returns to club the animal to death.

That, to me, is animal cruelty and torture, plain and simple, and Cranston was correct in asking schools to teach pupils about animal cruelty and torture.

Iím sorry, but it takes a very unusual person to be a trapper.

Herb Johnston

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