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Town of Sardinia is now more divided than ever


As a resident of the town of Sardinia, I am glad that Dan, Dale and Carla have won the Republican primary. We are all witnesses to how this current administration has left the town more divided than ever. They have shown a total disrespect to the residents, the senior citizens, the firemen, the veterans and the historical society, to name just a few.

Also, we have witnessed how the creation of the new mining district in Chaffee has put real fear into the residents of the hamlet.

It is a misconception that anyone can or will repeal the tax trust fund that is currently in effect until Dec. 31, 2013. Big business such as Verizon, NYSEG, AT&T, Waste Management and Gernatt all qualify for a share of this (our) money and indeed, some of them already put in their application. While some residents, who are truly struggling, who are at or below poverty level, won’t qualify for a dime. Perhaps a better plan would have been to give each resident in town a flat and equal share of this money, making it fairer for everybody, without jeopardizing future town budgets.

We, the Republican voters have chosen Dan, Dale and Carla to represent us in November and with their leadership, experience, as well as dedication and devotion; this town will take the right steps for our families and our future.

Mary Roth

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