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Summary of information on SAFE Act meeting


Individuals on the panel were Assemblyman David DiPietro, Senator Patrick Gallivan, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, SCOPE Chairman Budd Schoeder, James and Max Tresmond Esq., Richard Lombardo attorney with the Tresmond Firm.

The following items were taken from the presentation:

1. Pass out the confiscation information to everyone.

2. The New York State Senate and Assembly are crafting anti-gun bills, as we speak, for the spring of 2014.

3. There are six million gun owners in New York state.

4. We must get the gun owners out to vote. The gun owners alone would be able to remove many politicians at election time, if they just simply voted.

5. Thereís a divide between New York City and the rest of the state.

6. Senator Gallivan believes the best approach to getting rid of the SAFE Act is in the courts and to get rid of the politicians who are against the Second Amendment.

7. Get the people out to vote.

8. Thereís no funding in place for ammunition background checks.

9. Two-thirds of firearm killings are suicides.

10. To get more information from Sheriff Howard, go to

11. Sheriff Howard mentioned many scenarios where the police might find that you have an unregistered firearm in your possession.

12. After Jan. 15, 2014, itís illegal to purchase ammo for others.

13. Do police know if you are a gun owner, during a traffic stop? No!

14. The Erie County Pistol Permit Department will not honor any request for pistol permit information on gun owners.

15. In his opinion, firearm ownership records are private.

16. Tresmond attorneys have met with NYS Attorney General and the judge, regarding their lawsuit related to the SAFE Act and have established the following time line: NYS must answer their law suit by Dec. 1, 2013. Tresmond Law Firm must respond to the stateís answer by Jan. 1, 2014. The court case begins on Jan. 16, 2014.

17. There are more than enough gun owners in NYS to change the voting from NYC.

18. We must get people out to vote.

19. If you would like to follow along on the Tresmond lawsuit, just go to

20. Tresmond says they will win their case, based on prior case law.

21. Attorney said not to register your firearms based on a 1968 case law regarding a known felon and his having to register his sawed-off shotgun. Itís against the Fifth Amendment.

22. We are the gun lobby.

23. SCOPE has already done a lot for gun owners in NYS.

24. In the political arena, numbers count most. We must get people out to vote.

25. More than 7 rounds in your magazine is a class B misdemeanor.

26. Donít offend the undecided voters.

Richard Kazmark

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