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Give yourself a bigger voice, vote no to five-year S-GI terms


On May 20, voters in the Springville School District will elect three people to serve on the board of education. This is an important vote and it is exciting to see so many candidates vying to serve on the board.

In addition to voting for school board leaders, voters will see a proposition to expand the size of our school board. I am writing to encourage residents to vote YES to increase the board from five to seven members. I believe that a seven members board is better for our students our schools and our community.

Our district covers a huge geography. A seven member board would better represent the diverse interests and backgrounds of the people of our district. Given the seriousness of the issues that the board is responsible for, I think that five opinions is too few. Increasing the size of the board certainly makes deliberation messier, but that is the cost of having a robust democracy. Lastly, school board members receive no financial compensation for their service and an expanded board would have no financial impact on our school budget.

A second proposition related to the school board will also appear on May 20. This proposition is to increase the length of a board member from three to five years. Here, I agree with the sentiment of a letter in last week’s Journal. A five-year term is a hindrance to getting new people involved in the board. Three years is a good amount of time to learn the job, make an impact and go back and ask the voters for another round.

Give yourself a bigger voice. Vote YES to a seven member board, vote NO to five-year terms.

Allison Duwe


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2014-05-19 | 20:48:36
I think that it is ridiculous that the public is being asked to vote on these referendums. The public has already spoken and said no to a 7 person board and no to 5 years. When will the BOE listen and not push their own agendas???
2014-05-20 | 01:57:22
7 > 5
The public got caught up in the frenzy has many town boards reduced size two years ago. The difference is that school board members do not get paid so why not increase the voice of the citizens? We have 7 individuals interested in running this year which shows that moving forward there is interest in move voices being heard. Vote YES on 7.
2014-05-20 | 02:51:08
we'll have a new set of agendas once revitalize Springville has their people in place.good luck with that Springville.
2014-05-20 | 16:41:48
Enough already!
Re. the previous comment: What are your concerns with Revitalize Springville? Really, I would like to get to the bottom of this silly feud that is not only distracting, but also impeding progress on so many fronts in this village. What is to be gained with these silly and offensive blog comments re. "Birkenstock wearing brownshirts". I think it's great that, for the first time in many years, we are hearing from more than 76 voters in our community. Community engagement is important. Have all parties in this feud made some mistakes? You bet. Get over it, and let's start working together to make this town and this school district someplace even more special than it already is.