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Better luck next election year, Grand Old Party

Romneyís loss should demonstrate to Republicans why they should want the Citizenís United Decision overturned, as well.

First, did he win the nomination by presenting his ideas, in the best manner? No. He bombarded any leader in the primaries with negative ads, until he was the only one left.

You got someone who couldnít relate to normal people and they couldnít relate to him. The Southern Bible Belt base didnít like him, because of they werenít sure he really believed what they did or was just giving them a sale pitch he had no intention of following through. There were Romney people werenít willing to wait an hour to vote.

And, you thought you could win the Rust Belt of Ohio, with someone who made millions shipping manufacturing jobs to China? Thatís like nominating a coyote for the henhouse guard job and being surprised the chickens werenít having it.

I had a chuckle, when I saw the American Crossroads ad on TV and a woman talked about her children having to deal with the debt and having to find jobs. My thought was, ďIf I didnít like the president because of unemployment, why would I vote for someone who made fewer jobs, in this country?Ē

And, really, a candidate with Swiss and Cayman Island bank accounts? Check the big villain in any cop show or Bond movie. They have those, as well.

One thing that became apparent to me, after the Bush/Kerry campaign was, you canít just vote against someone; you need someone to vote for. Better luck next time, GOP.

Larry Schultz

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