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Politics come to Springville elections


It has been interesting to watch the increase in activity, in recent weeks, regarding the upcoming elections in Springville. I would like to give you a brief insight into my past two years on the board and hopefully, reassure you that you have a very competent team that serves all of the residents of Springville, in a manner that is fiscally responsible and always looking to the future.

Under the direction of Mayor Bill Krebs, our village is a place that we can all be proud of. It is a great place to live. Many of the things that fall under our control aren’t very “sexy,” but are important to the quality of life for our families. Power, water, sewer and streets are easily taken for granted, but are an important part of village government. The same is true for public safety. Police, fire and emergency services are an integral part of our village government and a huge cost factor that must be carefully managed.

Together, we have brought grant opportunities to Main Street, have worked with a group of concerned citizens who wanted to restore the village clock to downtown and a host of other initiatives that have helped improve our community. We have cultivated relationships with county and state government officials that will help with our plans for future development. I feel that the five of us have worked very closely to ensure that the residents of Springville are being served properly.

Imagine my surprise when, in the Jan. 11, 2014 edition of the Springville Journal, a letter, signed by the revitalize trustee, claimed that the Revitalize Party was responsible for the village clock, the Main Street Grant program, the project at 5 East Main St. and the hiring of a grant writer to apply for the grant program. He also stated that “downtown has seen disinvestment for several decades.”

According to the writer, the letter was crafted with Seth Wochensky, the “party boss” for Revitalize Springville. It would seem that Seth felt it was good politics to advance his party by taking credit for the work that was performed by all trustees. I can assure you that these projects would have proceeded, regardless of who sat in that trustee chair, because they were the right projects for Springville.

As for the “disinvestment for several decades” comment, I do find that offensive. I would hope that the revitalize party would apologize to the many business owners who have invested hundreds of thousands of their own dollars to help the downtown business corridor.

Village government has to represent all of the residents and businesses that it serves. That is our mandate. Election of board members that support the limited agenda of a party boss is simply bad for the community. I strongly support the candidacies of Bill Krebs, Terry Skelton and Bob Laskowski, as I know they will work hard for all of us, in improving our village.

Nils Wikman


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