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Springville Journal letter: Reader responds to gun regulation letter

I would also thank Mr. Larry Schultz, for sharing his opinions and choosing to make use of his First Amendments rights. Perhaps, if the government chooses to strip Mr. Schultz’s freedom of speech, he would then come to a different light.

His response to my letter to the editor was as I predicted. I do marvel at his response, though. Larry makes references to Superman, a fictional cartoon and Rambo, a character from the minds of Hollywood, neither of which have anything to do with a “history lesson.”

Believe it or not, people, hunters, men and women alike, still, to this day, hunt for meat. Mandatory training and classes make hunting licenses available, to those who wish to do just that. As luck would have it, over 10,000 of my New York neighbors and brothers came together, in aid, and marched in Albany, thus aiding in the 51 out of 62 counties to vote to appeal the SAFE Act.

The NRA has been promoting safe and responsible gun marksmanship and gun ownership since 1871, thus preventing accidental lost lives.

If the men who wrote the Constitution and, more specifically, the Second Amendment, wanted restriction of firearms, it possibly might have been as follows: No man shall possess or carry more than 1 pound of FFFG black powder or a half a pound of FFFFG primer powder, nor shall a man possess or carry more than 30 patched round balls, not exceeding 69 caliber, with a 1 in 66 rifling twist. These would have been firearm equivalents, time period correct.

But, aha! They did not write it as such, because they knew that a man was not guilty of committing any crime in merely having these items, in his possession.

Here is another attempt at simplifying matters. Millions of us in NYS have achieved a NYS driver’s license and we have motor vehicle ownership. Each and every person with a motor vehicle has the potential to use that mode of transportation in acting out vicious and horrendous crimes. Yet, with each and every passing day, to millions of us who commute in these vehicles, we choose to be safe and responsible motorists, thus proving ownership is not a crime and possession stays intact.

You can also look into the Bible, under the Ten Commandments. Look closely at No. 6. It says, “Thou shall not kill.” It is clearly written and understandable. Adam Lanza broke that commandment, plain and simple. How he committed the act, or with which device, is only “man’s law,” which only muddies the clarity of the sixth commandment.

And these words echo in my mind, even while I am asleep: “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead, into the future,” Adolf Hitler, 1935.

I, myself, am laying aside my pen and picking up my gun, to go hunting with my family.

Kevin Ploetz

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