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Government works because of community involvement


In a recent letter, Trustee Alan Chamberlin invited residents of Springville to attend the Master Plan Workshop on Feb. 1 and get involved with the group called Revitalize Springville. Residents should be assured that the Master Plan Workshop is not a function or a meeting of the Revitalize Springville group. It is an integral step in the revision and update of the Village Master Plan, which was adopted in 1999, and, as such, sponsored by the Board of Trustees.

Also, Trustee Chamberlin’s assertion that “great things” in Springville have happened because of “the message residents sent by electing me as a village trustee” is not only untrue, but smacks of partisan politics. In fact, I proposed the Village Center Development Plan to the board of trustees, free from pressure from the Revitalize Springville group or its candidates. Residents should be aware that the board of trustees has been a non-partisan board in Springville. Trustees have made decisions free of pressure from any party: Republican, Democratic, the Revitalize Springville group or any political action group or lobby.

The board of trustees, before Trustee Chamberlin was elected, voted to position the village where it is now, to address specifically improvements to our village center. The entire board has approved and contributed to the Village Center Development Plan, to which Trustee Chamberlin refers as his and the Revitalize Springville group’s singular concern. I can assure you that the present board of trustees deliberates collegially in all village matters.

In truth, the village government works because of citizen involvement, in every way, including membership on the official boards and committees, participation in public meetings and voting in local elections. I am proud of our village record, over the years. And I know that the trustees have worked as a non-partisan team to approve the budgets, legislation and policies for our village. There is no need for partisanship, division or self-aggrandizement in our village political process.

I encourage village residents to attend the Village Master Plan Workshop on Feb. 1, which will be advertised in detail in the media.

Bill Krebs
Mayor of Springville


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