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Springville Journal letter to the editor: Support a musical talent, native to Springville

Hey, all you longtime and short-time residents of Springville. You have a fantastic musical talent that you have failed to recognize. A local musician with a master’s degree in music education wrote a historical song about Springville, for the bicentennial, after doing considerable research.

Not only did she write the lyrics, but also wrote the music, recorded them on CD and then paid, out of her own pocket, to have them mass-produced, because she thought you would love them.

You will buy CDs for $18, from a group that she introduced and produced at center for the arts, but you won’t purchase a $6 Springville collectible.

She has promoted and was the producer for several local talents, who performed at the center for the arts and are encouraged, on a regular basis, by almost everyone who sees them. She is a phenomenal keyboard player, who not only composes music, but also does her own arrangements. She recorded and produced a Christmas CD, with all of her own original piano arrangements and, again, you wouldn’t spend $12 at center for the arts.

During bicentennial weekend, she performed “Fiddlers Green, My Hometown,” a tribute to Springville. This was her creation, for all of you. Only a handful of people attended.

Did you know that Springville was called “Fiddlers Green” at one time, changed to Concord and later renamed Springville? Why, when you support all of the other local bands, DJs, singers and musicians, who not only performed that weekend, but throughout the year for benefits, parties, weddings etc., couldn’t you have been there for her?

Several of her compositions have been performed by a woman’s choir out West, for the third year in a row. Her most recent was recorded by a women’s choir and posted on YouTube™. They love her music so much, that they have asked her to move out West, to compose and play keyboard for them.

She will be setting up a tent at the Springville Dairy Fest on June 1 and 2, to sell her CDs of “Fiddlers Green, My Hometown,” a tribute to Springville; her own arrangements of Christmas favorites and a piano book of songs that anyone can play, both for the beginner and the advanced pianists, which she composed, notated and published. You still have a chance to purchase a piece of her talent and wish her good luck.

She is my best friend and she is moving to the other end of the country, because Springville, where she was raised, doesn’t care enough about her musical accomplishments, to say, “Hi, your music is great,” or to ask her to perform her original compositions on keyboard at center for the arts.

If you don’t know or recognize her by now, it’s too late. You are about to lose a great musical talent and I am about to lose my best friend. I feel sorry for all of us.

Linda Baker
West Valley

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2013-05-28 | 15:30:23
You would do your friend a better service to actually tell us her name so that we can find her video on YouTube and/or ask for her by name next weekend. Some of us have no idea who you are talking about. And, like it or not, part of the marketing game in the arts is to get your message out to the world, rather than blame the world for not buying your art/music, especially if we have no idea who you are or that you've made this music. If it didn't work out with the Arts Center, there are plenty of other venues where a person can perform and/or have their music played. Good luck to your friend, whoever she is.
2013-05-31 | 17:08:25
Who is the artist??