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Board member expresses stance about school budget


I have long held views on public education and education funding, in particular.

I believe in the importance of sports, music, art and clubs. Also important is such things as kindergarten and high school electives.

All these are essential for the development of well-rounded citizens. The question at hand is how to pay for those activities. If people choose to have children, they should be personally responsible for the cost associated with these “extras.”

The people of the state of New York have elected representatives who have determined what basic public education in New York should look like. It is these mandated activities that I am willing to ask our citizens to pay for. Not a bit more. The local budget was made more difficult, when the board recently made the decision to increase our payroll cost.

I have no problem with the district collecting a user fee, for those who wish to participate in these non-mandated activities.

If there is a local group who wishes to donate funds, to help cover the cost for truly impoverished children, I am even OK with that, and I would personally contribute.

Because we have four board members with substantial conflicts of interest, I know that my vision of education in Springville is not currently possible.

In keeping with my convictions, I will not be able to support any budget, unless it equates to a substantial property tax decrease.

Steve Schunk
Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education member

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2013-03-17 | 01:31:22
other board members
Mr Schunk needs to be specific in his accusation that there are "four board members with substantial conflicts of interest". What are these conflicts of interest? It is important for the taxpayers to know. Is their conflict simply that they care about the welfare of the kids of the community?
2013-03-17 | 10:16:14
If the conflicts of interest are that a couple of the board members have children in school, then those folks have my vote over the author of this letter.
2013-03-17 | 11:19:35
members are married to teachers (williams, caimano), 2 have children enrolled in the district (einerson, kane). That must be where he gets to four. Voters should decide for themselves what a true conflict is.
2013-03-17 | 17:57:19
I think the conflict might be Mr. Schunk's with the facts. NYS mandates an awful lot of things that it simply does not fund, including music and art education. They also mandate plenty of ridiculous things that have no beneficial impact on children's education. When a resolution was proposed for the board to take a stand against this, he voted NO. So Mr. Schunk won't fund kindergarten? But he thought the superintendent, the highest paid employee in the district, should get a raise? Mr. Schunk, your opinions expressed in this letter here are in conflict with everything you have voted for during your time on the board. If this letter here means you are running for another term, I vote no.
2013-03-21 | 09:30:10
Perhaps it would help if this board member explained what exactly his vision of education in Springville is?